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New Hope's Dr. Zhang in Time Magazine

A recent Time Magazine article, Frontiers of Fertility, quoted Dr. Zhang when talking about Mini-IVF™, the newest and most advanced "art of IVF." As we have talked about in numerous posts and on our website, the article mentions that a primary advantage of Mini-IVF is that "the physiologic changes the body experiences [with this protocol] are close to the natural cycle, without excessive drugs." The article says that while some people question the efficacy of Mini-IVF™, "Zhang just completed a five-year look at mini-IVF success rates that he is submitting for publication and promises will be a “time bomb”—presumably the good kind—in the field." The article also touches on Embryoscopes (they call it a time-lapse-photography system), as an advanced tool for monitoring embryonic development. New Hope is one of only a dozen clinics in the country that has EmbryoScope Technology.

Topics: Mini-IVF, New Hope Fertility, Technology, Research

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