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Tips on Getting Pregnant | Consider Using Donor Eggs

Many women and couples facing infertility become exhausted after trying to conceive for several months without success, especially if they feel they've tried it all -- timed intercourse, artificial insemination, hanging upside down while performing some sort of ancient fertility chant.  Just when you may think you're out of options, though, keep in mind that there are always third party options.  For some, help getting pregnant may come in the form of hiring a gestational surrogate; however, for those who still wish to have the experience of carrying a child (and with genes from one of the parents), donor egg programs can help hopeful parents that feel down on their luck.

At New Hope Fertility Center, we pride ourselves on having the leading Donor Egg Program in the Tri-State area.  With our frozen donor egg bank, we've been able to differentiate ourselves from other Donor IVF programs since we do not require recipients and donors to be on the same cycle.  At competing centers, those wishing to use donor eggs to get pregnant would have to choose a donor and then time their IVF cycles to go forward with treatment.  At New Hope, our frozen Donor Egg Bank gives intended parents the option to choose from our existing donors who have provided us with their eggs for use in the intended parents' upcoming Donor IVF cycle whenever the recipients are ready.

The choices don't stop there.  Those who elect to use donor eggs can also choose to use a direct donor rather than our frozen Donor Egg Bank.  New Hope Fertility is actually one of the few clinics in the world that gives patients using donor eggs the option of using our donor egg bank or selecting a donor with whom they personally choose.

We have a few IVF success stories to mention that involve women who chose to use donor eggs to get pregnant.  Just recently, we had a 45-year-old who returned a positive pregnancy test after electing to go the Direct Donor route (using the eggs of someone she chose) with a single embryo transfer (which ensures the safest uterine environment for both mother and child).  We also recently had two 46-year-olds, one who was struggling with secondary infertility, announce positive pregnancy tests.  Both women got pregnant after their frozen embryo transfers using donor eggs from New Hope's frozen Donor Egg Bank.

One of our more difficult cases as of late involved a 43-year-old who arrived at New Hope dealing with primary infertility.  A good example of someone not giving up, she had a few unsuccessful rounds of our Mini-IVF™ treatment before moving to our Donor Program.  We're pleased to announce her persistence paid off -- she got pregnant after a donor frozen (single) embryo transfer.  Case in point that just when you may think you ran out of options, there exist places to turn to for even more help in your battle with infertility!

Congratulations to our recent IVF success stories!

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