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2017’s Top Egg Freezing Clinic in the Nation

Egg freezing through IVF is the perfect way to preserve your fertility 2017  until you are ready to start a family. Selecting a top fertility clinic to freeze your eggs and preserve your ability to have a family in the future is imperative. One of the top egg freezing clinics in the nation is New Hope Fertility Center's Division of Fertility Preservation in NYC. 

Top Egg Freezing Clinic

The fertility doctors at New Hope Fertility Center provide customized fertility preservation treatment by focusing on each patient's medical and personal needs. This individualized approach has resulted in high pregnancy success rates.

New Hope takes the time necessary to understand each woman’s unique medical needs and to create a plan that addresses her specific future needs. Our fertility specialists are always available to answer questions and provide support throughout the process. 

Vitrification Method  Egg-Freezing-B-1.jpg

New Hope uses the vitrification method - flash freezing - which has been proven to increase the survival rate of eggs. Because of the vitrification method, there is no formation of ice crystals between the cells of the eggs causing damage. The survival rate of eggs using the vitrification method for the freezing and thawing process is 98 percent.

Egg Freezing Cycle Process and costs

The first step in the egg freezing process egg freezing process is a thorough review of your medical history and some medical tests. The goal is to ensure you are a good candidate for the egg freezing process and that there are no underlying medical issues that should be addressed first.

Next, your medical team will create your medication schedule based on your unique needs. Fertility medication is used  to produce multiple egg follicles for surgical retrieval. Once the eggs are mature they are retrieved and cryopreserved, they are stored until you are ready to start a family. The process typically takes two to three weeks.

One cycle of egg freezing is $7,200 plus medication costs, which will vary depending on your treatment plan. For example, if you choose a natural cycle, there are no medication costs. We offer complimentary storage for 6 months at the end of your first egg banking. After 6 months, the storage fee is $1,200 a year. Oocytes (eggs) can be frozen indefinitely.

Egg Freezing Specialists in NYC

Discover more about how you can preserve your high quality eggs in 2017 until you are ready to have a baby. To schedule your consultation with one of our egg freezing specialists at New Hope Fertility Cente, click the icon below - or - call 917.525.5496.

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