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Top In Vitro Treatment Options - World Renowned Fertility Center

When reviewing your in vitro treatment options it is important to consider the facility where you will receive your fertility care.  Choosing a world renowned fertility center can increase your chance of getting pregnant and starting your family. 


Manhattan’s New Hope Fertility Center is a world class fertility center located in the heart of NYC.  Their team of fertility experts works with leading fertility physicians worldwide to ensure their patients receive the highest fertility care.  The New Hope team specializes in providing more holistic in vitro treatment options that allow for high success rates while using little to no fertility medication.

The in vitro fertilization process has been used successfully for decades.  The process can successfully treat a number of male and female related causes of infertility.  Historically, a large number of injections of fertility medications were necessary for IVF.  Advances in fertility medicine allows world class fertility centers to offer more holistic approaches to IVF treatment.  New Hope’s holistic in vitro treatment options include:

Natural IVF

The goal of a natural IVF cycle is to retrieve and fertilize the sole egg a woman produces during her cycle.  No fertility medication is required as there is no need to produce multiple eggs.  There are a number of advantages of a natural IVF cycle including:

  • No need for waiting periods between or during cycles
  • The ability to do a fresh embryo transfer
  • No risk of developing OHSS
  • Avoidance of the side effects that are common with fertility medication
  • Ability to treat fertility issues in women who are unlikely to respond to fertility medication

Mini IVF

In traditional IVF cycles, the goal is to harvest a large number of eggs.  This is partially to allow for the fact that some eggs will not be suitable for fertilization.  Minimal stimulation, or Mini, IVF addresses this concern by aiming to produce a limited number of high quality eggs.  During a Mini IVF cycle:

  • Three to five high quality eggs are produced
  • A limited amount of oral and injectable fertility medication
  • Significantly reduced likelihood of developing OHSS
  • Reduction in discomfort and side effects from fertility medication

Schedule a consultation today with a fertility expert and find out how holistic in vitro treatment options can be used in your personalized care plan. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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