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Top Reviewed IVF NYC Surgeons

When people think of fertility care, they often think of the medication that is used to enhance fertility.  While medication can play a large role in the success of in vitro fertilization, it is only one piece of a larger puzzle.  The skills of IVF surgeons can greatly increase the chances of success during treatment.  Therefore, when selecting a facility for your fertility care, choose wisely and select from among the top IVF surgeons.  

Top Reviewed IVF Surgeons in NYC

The staff of New Hope Fertility Center includes several of the top IVF surgeons in the world.  Our fertility care team continually improves upon their skills by participating in clinical trials and working with industry experts worldwide.  The results of their efforts are evident in their continued advancements in the field of fertility medicine and the high success rates seen at New Hope. 

Advancements in Fertility Care

The experts at New Hope have pioneered minimal stimulation IVF protocols that enable couples to become pregnant while using little to no fertility medication.  These protocols include:

Mini-IVF™  – Using a combination of oral fertility medication and up to three doses of injectable medication, Mini IVF gently stimulates a woman’s body to produce from three to five healthy, high quality eggs.  Eggs retrieved using this protocol are healthier than their traditional counterparts and are more likely to be suitable for fertilization and pregnancy.  Benefits of Mini-IVF™ include less discomfort and a significantly reduced chance for side effects and complications.

Natural Cycle IVF – Natural Cycle IVF does not use any fertility medication to supplement a woman’s natural cycle.  This alternative IVF protocol retrieves and fertilizes the one egg a woman produces naturally during the month.  This protocol has the benefit of eliminating the side effects and discomfort of using fertility medication.  Additionally, because the uterine lining has not been affected by fertility medication, patients can use fresh embryo transfer after fertilization.  Furthermore, there is no need to wait between cycles.

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