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Attention: New Hope's Holiday Hours

Posted by New Hope Fertility Center

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The Catherine Foundation and New Hope Fertility Center Hosts Fertility Preservation Seminar

Posted by New Hope Fertility Center

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Gestational Surrogacy in the News

Posted by NHFC

You've probably seen and read the news lately: Jimmy Fallon, the popular night time TV host and his wife, Nancy, turned to a surrogate to have their first child, Winnie.

Jimmy Fallon and Nancy are not the only ones who have turned to gestational surrogacy lately.  In related news Iowa Grandmother, Susie Kozisek, recently reported she carried her own twin grandchildren for her daughter, Ashley Larkin, who cannot get pregnant due to pulmonary hypertension.  Susie also gave birth to her daughter's first child.

Gestational surrogacy makes it possible for parents suffering from infertility, or who cannot carry a pregnancy to term for various reasons, to have a genetic child of their own through the use of in vitro fertilization technology.  The woman's egg is retrieved during an IVF cycle, fertilized in a lab using the husband's sperm, and the resulting embryo implanted in the gestational surrogate's uterus, acting as a carrier for the intended parents.

New Hope Fertility Center has a world-class Gestational Surrogacy Program, and has had the honor of serving many different woman using this service, including Martha Stewart's only daughter, Alexis Stewart.  Part of the reason we are able to help so many different women and couples is because we are committed to our patient's around the clock and throughout the year.

gestational surrogacyMore and more couples are turning to assisted reproduction and all of the options that it has to offer -- this is just one more reason why we keep our doors open for women who want to start families 365 days a year, and 7 days a week.

As you may know, many clinics have scheduled time when the office is closed to patients so that they can perform necessary maintenance and upkeep -- an important part of running a state-of-the-art IVF center. At New Hope, we have built out our office with 30% surplus capacity so that we can be continually maintaining, cleaning, quality testing, and upgrading our equipment year-round without any downtime -- just one more way that we try to make sure that we can be available to you on your schedule.

If you or someone you know is interested in Gestational Surrogacy or exploring their options to help them get pregnant, schedule a consultation or give us a call at (212) 400-9614.



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Acupuncture & Fertility Seminar

Posted by NHFC

acupuncture and fertility

Our Acupuncture and Fertility event with The YinOva Center turned out to be a terrific success!

Our audience was diverse with a mix of patients from both New Hope and The YinOva Center and others simply interested in learning more about different ways one can enhance their fertility. The event was held in our headquarters in Columbus Circle in NYC.

food for fertilityJill Blakeway, The YinOva Center's  founder and New Hope's Senior Medical Associate Dr. Lyndon Chang hosted the night, which provided our audience with information regarding nutrition, fertility and insight into our holistic approach to IVF.  Our guests even enjoyed a green smoothie with fertility enhancing ingredients from The YinOva Center's Nutritional Counselor, Carlin Greenstein. The recipe is below. Enjoy!

Stay connected to learn about more FREE events hosted by New Hope coming this Fall!

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Natural Cycle IVF | Protecting Patients

Posted by NHFC


Many of the patients that join us at New Hope are attracted to our holistic approach to IVF.

Our most organic method of fertility treatment, Natural Cycle IVF, is a protocol that involves monitoring and retrieving an egg during a woman's cycle -- without the use of fertility medications. Natural Cycle IVF is favored by many patients because it is not only our safest protocol, but is also the easiest on the body.   Additionally, because it doesn't rely on fertility medications, this protocol has one fewer cost: giving women the peace of mind that comes with not straining physically, mentally or financially.  Like other treatments; however, Natural Cycle IVF still comes with some risk factors. While the one egg retrieved during a Natural IVF cycle is of the highest quality, the technique's success depends on precise timing.

At New Hope we believe in real hope, not false hope. We advise all women and couples committing to Natural Cycle of the setbacks that can occur, as we would with any other type of procedure performed here. Timing an egg retrieval is a very precise practice, and if it happens that it is delayed even just slightly longer than intended and a woman ovulates, the cycle must be cancelled until the next cycle occurs.

Egg retrievals are sometimes delayed at our doctors' discretion to allow estrogen levels to drop even lower, therefore increasing the chance of retrieving a fully developed egg during a patient's cycle. The timing of an egg retrieval during a Natural IVF cycle is an extremely involved decision to make, but safety always comes first. In order to protect our patients' resources during a cycle, a retrieval will be delayed in order to optimize the chances of retrieving a mature egg. If an egg is retrieved too early, the egg transfer will fail. If the egg retrieval is delayed  -- by even just minutes in an effort to retrieve the highest quality egg -- a woman will ovulate and her cycle cancelled. It is a tough call to make on either side, but our doctors use their expertise, experience and insight into a patient's unique health history to make the best decision during that time.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your cycle or want more information on Natural IVF, visit us on the web or give us a call at 212-517-7676.

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New Hope is Here on the Weekends!

Posted by NHFC

ivf nyc

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