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Posted by Dr. Zhang


Good Evening.  Its my favorite time, Dr. Zhang’s Blog.  Today I would like to take the opportunity to talk about mitochondria and mitochondrial DNA, nuclear transfer and treating patients with a genetic disease for In Vitro Fertilization.  It sounds like a lot of topics but really, everything is revolving around Mitochondria. 

The reason I chose this topic is because today in February 2016, the National Academy of Science has made a statement that they are beginning to discuss techniques, clinical application, and ethics about mitochondrial replacement therapies. 


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Fertility Societies You Didn't Know About But Should

Posted by New Hope Fertility Center

In the field of medicine, professional societies serve a number of functions including providing education and creating a place for networking and information sharing.  Fertility societies provide these services for medical professionals in the field of assisted reproduction.  Finding medical professionals who are a part of these societies can increase your chance of having successful fertility treatment.

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