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Who is the Best OBGYN in New York City?

Posted by New Hope Fertility Center

For women’s health, having an expert ObGyn is extremely important.  From birth control to cancer screenings, the right ObGyn can help you stay and remain healthy.  The best ObGyn in NYC is able to do all of this as well as diagnose and treat fertility issues. 

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Find Most Reliable Fertility Doctor in NYC

Posted by New Hope Fertility Center

Your chosen fertility doctor plays a large role in the success of your fertility treatment. He or she will determine the plan of action and will help guide you through the decision making process.  Finding the right fertility doctor for you will help alleviate your stress and increase your odds for success.  Our doctors are leaders in the industry and work hard to be the most reliable doctors in NYC.

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Getting Pregnant After Ectopic Pregnancies | IVF Success Stories

Posted by NHFC

Ectopic pregnancies occur when the embryo implants somewhere outside of the woman's uterus. Oftentimes, this can happen inside one of the woman's fallopian tubes, known as a tubal pregnancy, but has been known in some instances to occur in the cervix, ovaries, and abdomen (source: Wikipedia).  In the case of an ectopic pregnancy, the fetus cannot survive, and can lead to dangerous conditions for the woman as well.

At New Hope, we've helped many women who have previously suffered through an ectopic pregnancy get pregnant successfully.

Just recently, for instance, we had a 28-year-old come to our center seeking help to get pregnant after experiencing the trauma of an ectopic pregnancy.  Our fertility care doctors understand the dangers involved in overstimulating the sensitive uterine environments of patients with these types of reproductive health histories, which is why we often elect more holistic IVF techniques to help them conceive.  Applying this protocol to Ms. 28 worked -- and after her first Mini-IVF™ cycle here at New Hope, she was able to conceive successfully after just a single frozen embryo transfer.

Ms. 34 had a similar history, arriving at New Hope after an ectopic pregnancy.  She, along with our doctors, elected to try a few IUI cycles in order to avoid overstimulating with too many fertility drugs; but unfortunately they were unsuccessful.  We are pleased to announce, however, that after just one Mini-IVF™ cyle using donor sperm, Ms. 34 got pregnant.

Congratulations to these two women who overcame a huge barrier of fear after suffering through ectopic pregnancies and got the help they needed to get pregnant -- and with the baby in the right place!!

NHFC Consultation Natural Cycle IVF
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IVF Without Hormone Injections | Success Stories

Posted by NHFC

1) 37 y/o arrived at New Hope with severe PCOS.  This patient was at high risk for Ovarian Hyperstimulation (OHSS), so our fertility specialists chose to treat her with our minimal stimulation, or Mini-IVF™, protocol.  To increase her chances of getting pregnant, we also chose to administer a frozen blastocyst transfer, which has a high success rate thanks to our vitrification freezing method.  After her transfer, we're pleased to announce this 37-year-old is pregnant.  Congratulations!!!

2) 41 y/o returned to New Hope for her 3rd baby and struggling with a high FSH. Prior to coming to us, she was labeled an IVF non-responder at other clinics.  She successfully conceived after a frozen blastocyst transfer from Clomid-only IVF (no hormone injections).   Congratulations once again!!!

3) 34 y/o came to New Hope dealing with male factor infertility.  After her Ultra Mini-IVF™ treatment (no hormone injections), she conceived after her fresh embryo transfer.  She also elected to freeze eggs for future use.  Congrats!!!

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The Dr. Oz Show | How Old Is Too Old?

Posted by NHFC

As many in our online community already know, New Hope Fertility Center and one of its current patients were briefly featured on The Dr. Oz Show.

Friday's show, which took on the subject of motherhood and age, focused much of the program debating the woman's biological clock and the risks involved in conventional IVF care.

Indeed, self-awareness and self-education are integral parts of any woman beginning the journey to motherhood.  Through reading, talking to other women, and being open to her doctor (infertility doctor or primary care physician) about reproductive health, a woman can better judge when to start the pregnancy process.  By committing to follicular ultrasounds to test the number of eggs she has left to learning about options like fertility preservation (banking eggs for future use), women can significantly avoid the emotional and physiological stress that comes when she facing age-related fertility issues.

We also agree with both medical guests on the show, Dr. John Jain (a Reproductive Endocrinologist) and Jennifer Lahl (the President at the Center for Bioethics and Culture Network), who emphasized the importance of infertility specialists educating their patients on both the risks associated with older women getting pregnant and the risks associated with conventional IVF protocols, which oftentimes involve hyperstimulating a woman's ovaries with fertility medication to assist her in producing multiple eggs for use in IVF treatment.

Educating would-be mothers on fertility preservation and emphasizing the fact that as they age it will become harder to get pregnant due to low ovarian reserve are among the most important things a fertility doctor, and any physician for that matter, can do for women wishing to conceive.  While these are important factors in the assisted reproduction debate, it is also important to inform women on other choices out there -- holistic, minimally invasive IVF care and egg freezing (fertility preservation), both available here at New Hope Fertility Center.

Mini-IVF™ is our trademarked protocol which is customized to each individual's body and circumstance, so no two cycles are the same. Because our Mini-IVF™ cycles are tailored, it also allows us to forgo some of the expensive (and, for some, intimidating) shots that were mentioned on the Dr. Oz show.  In addition, we try very hard to make sure that our fertility care is not a cost prohibitive part of anyone's journey to motherhood and our cycles are also over a few thousand dollars less than the average conventional cycle cost statistic cited on the Dr. Oz show.

We also offer Natural Cycle IVF, which offers women the option to try IVF sans fertility medication.

If you viewed the Dr. Oz show on Friday and have any questions regarding the success of our IVF protocols and the cost of our IVF care, please feel free to reach out with any questions.

And...thanks for tuning in!
 NHFC Consultation Natural Cycle IVF
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New Study Links Weight-Loss Surgery and Fertility

Posted by NHFC

Doctors at the annual American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery meeting last week revealed a promising study that links weight-loss surgery and infertility reversal.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the leading causes of infertility among pre-menopausal women, as the condition causes small cysts to form on the ovaries which ultimately affects egg production (source: BioNews).  With the link between the "fat gene" and the occurrence of PCOS in overweight women found in previous studies, Dr. Mohammed Jamal and his co-authors were able to show further evidence that women infertile prior to undergoing gastric bypass surgery were able to conceive after losing excess weight.  Dr. Jamal adds, "This study suggests that women with morbid obesity, who are infertile secondary to PCOS, may have a new surgical option.  Many other studies have shown bariatric surgery can improve or resolve a multitude of diseases and conditions. It appears that infertility now joins that list (source: MSN).

While the study is in its early stages, these recent discoveries exhibit the ongoing research being done in the area of fertility and fertility treatment options.  Providing fertility treatment patients with all of the options available in order to meet their personal medical needs only increases the chance for success in their care and gives medical professionals, like those at New Hope, the knowledge needed to treat patients in the most healthy way possible.

We'll continue to update on this study as more stories are published.


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