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New IVF Strategies Aren't So New After All

Posted by NHFC

As seen in this morning's Wall Street Journal article titled "New Strategy May Help Success of In Vitro Fertilization," recent studies within the fertility care field are linking frozen embryo transfers with an increase in healthy pregnancies following IVF treatment.

The "3 separate randomized and controlled studies involving 633 women with an average age of 35" fairly represent the group of couples we've helped get pregnant with frozen embryo transfers: New Hope's latest SART statistics show 44% of our patients age 35 and under achieved a healthy pregnancy following frozen embryo transfers, and 64% of our patients got pregnant using frozen donor embryos.

Frozen embryo transfers (FET) have indeed produced high rates of success at our clinic, and we continue to encourage the practice when counseling our patients.  Not only do FETs increase chances of healthy pregnancy and live births, but the process with which we freeze them also contributes to the health of embryos.  Vitrification, a flash-freezing method we've utilized since our center opened in 2004, has a 98% thaw survival rate here at New Hope, giving our patients peace of mind with every frozen embryo transferred.

The practice of frozen embryo transfers also encourages the practice of single embryo transfers. Because frozen embryos increase the chance of pregnancy, FETs subsequently decrease the need to transfer more than 1 embryo at a time.  Single embryo transfers, along with our minimal stimulation protocols like Mini-IVF™ and Natural Cycle IVF, significantly decrease risks associated with multiple births.  At the hands of our experienced team of fertility specialists, we've been able to prove time and again that with these methods combined, IVF can be safe and more cost-effective for patients wishing to get pregnant without overstimulation.

Read more of our success stories involving frozen embryo transfers here.
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Primary & Secondary Infertility | IVF Success Stories

Posted by NHFC

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Congrats to Alexis Stewart & Baby Truman!

Posted by NHFC

2015-22-1.jpgAt age 46, Alexis Stewart – daughter of famed domestic diva Martha Stewart – gave birth to her second child, a boy named Truman. He joined his one-year old sister, Jude, who – like Truman – was also conceived through IVF and carried to term by a gestational surrogate. Both babies were conceived from Alexis’ own eggs with the help of the fertility specialists at New Hope Fertility NYC. A gestational mother carries the intended parents’ baby to full term. Most people choose gestational surrogacy over repeated failed IVF procedures.

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Stem Cells May Give More Options to the Infertile

Posted by NHFC

Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital have reported that stem cells obtained from mouse and human ovaries (in separate experiments) produced viable egg cells that could later be fertilized and develop into healthy embryos.

The research team, led by Johnathan Tilly at Mass General hope the findings can open the doors to finding more ways to help those battling infertility, an issue that affects 7.3 million women and their partners in the United States alone.  If the research is indeed confirmed, fertility doctors may have another possible option in treating those with fertility related issues and/or those women wishing to preserve their fertility.

Upon reading the report in the Nature Medicine journal, our founder, Dr. John Zhang, finds the research promising, hoping it means "we can one day produce healthy oocytes (egg) cells from ovaries that may be past their reproductive prime through the use of stem cells."

We're happy to report on this advance in the field of stem cells that contributes directly to the field of reproductive medicine.  Our clinic continues to also conduct work with stem cells, and we look forward to reporting on future stories in this area of scientific research.
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More February IVF Success Stories

Posted by NHFC

1) 35 y/o secondary infertility due to oligoovulation (irregular ovulation) came to New Hope for her second child.  She was able to get pregnant from a single embryo transfer from Mini-IVF™.  Congratulations on your second pregnancy!

New Hope doctors wanted to take extra precautions to reduce the chance of multiple pregnancy since this patient's first pregnancy led to the premature birth of her twins (possibly due to conventional IVF protocols), and left her and her babies in the hospital for a good length of time.  By committing to Mini-IVF™ and single embryo transfer protocols, New Hope doctors greatly reduced the risk of this happening again.

2) 39 y/o primary infertility arrived at New Hope also suffering from oligoovulation.  She created several embryos through our Mini-IVF™ protocol and got pregnant with twins from a Natural Cycle frozen embryo transfer.  As with the previous success story, the infertility was due to the inability to ovulate properly, and this patient would have definitely been overstimulated with conventional IVF.  New Hope doctors understood in both aforementioned cases that there was no need for more than a single embryo transfer to reach success since both women had otherwise healthy uterine environments.  Congrats!

3) 39 y/o came to NHFC with a history of primary infertility.  She completed a few Mini-IVF™ cycles with frozen embryo transfers that were unsuccessful.  She had a frozen embryo transfer more recently and came back with a positive pregnancy test.  Congrats!
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The Dr. Oz Show | How Old Is Too Old?

Posted by NHFC

As many in our online community already know, New Hope Fertility Center and one of its current patients were briefly featured on The Dr. Oz Show.

Friday's show, which took on the subject of motherhood and age, focused much of the program debating the woman's biological clock and the risks involved in conventional IVF care.

Indeed, self-awareness and self-education are integral parts of any woman beginning the journey to motherhood.  Through reading, talking to other women, and being open to her doctor (infertility doctor or primary care physician) about reproductive health, a woman can better judge when to start the pregnancy process.  By committing to follicular ultrasounds to test the number of eggs she has left to learning about options like fertility preservation (banking eggs for future use), women can significantly avoid the emotional and physiological stress that comes when she facing age-related fertility issues.

We also agree with both medical guests on the show, Dr. John Jain (a Reproductive Endocrinologist) and Jennifer Lahl (the President at the Center for Bioethics and Culture Network), who emphasized the importance of infertility specialists educating their patients on both the risks associated with older women getting pregnant and the risks associated with conventional IVF protocols, which oftentimes involve hyperstimulating a woman's ovaries with fertility medication to assist her in producing multiple eggs for use in IVF treatment.

Educating would-be mothers on fertility preservation and emphasizing the fact that as they age it will become harder to get pregnant due to low ovarian reserve are among the most important things a fertility doctor, and any physician for that matter, can do for women wishing to conceive.  While these are important factors in the assisted reproduction debate, it is also important to inform women on other choices out there -- holistic, minimally invasive IVF care and egg freezing (fertility preservation), both available here at New Hope Fertility Center.

Mini-IVF™ is our trademarked protocol which is customized to each individual's body and circumstance, so no two cycles are the same. Because our Mini-IVF™ cycles are tailored, it also allows us to forgo some of the expensive (and, for some, intimidating) shots that were mentioned on the Dr. Oz show.  In addition, we try very hard to make sure that our fertility care is not a cost prohibitive part of anyone's journey to motherhood and our cycles are also over a few thousand dollars less than the average conventional cycle cost statistic cited on the Dr. Oz show.

We also offer Natural Cycle IVF, which offers women the option to try IVF sans fertility medication.

If you viewed the Dr. Oz show on Friday and have any questions regarding the success of our IVF protocols and the cost of our IVF care, please feel free to reach out with any questions.

And...thanks for tuning in!
 NHFC Consultation Natural Cycle IVF
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