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IVF Treatments and Patient Care

Posted by NHFC

A recent article in the Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology journal has published research that focuses on the benefits of customizing IVF treatments to meet the individual needs of each patient.

In the article, "Individualised controlled ovarian stimulation (iCOS): maximising success rates for assisted reproductive technology patients ," authors Ernesto Bosch and Diego Ezcurra connect the increase in IVF success rates over the past twenty years with the trend towards individualized treatment protocols.  Emphasizing the various IVF techniques and treatments available in controlled ovarian stimulation (COS), the authors recognize that the varying methods administered throughout the fertility treatment field can be tailored even further to make treatments safer and more effective for patients.

Through conventional IVF, hormone treatments have traditionally been administered in a standardized fashion, which can carry high risks for multiple pregnancies and ovarian hyperstimulation issues that benefit neither the mother nor child(ren).  Individualized controlled ovarian stimulation (iCOS) techniques, such as Mini-IVF,™ make sure fertility medications are administered in a more customized fashion to best meet the needs of each patient. As the authors most notably point out:

"Given the heterogeneity of patients embarking on IVF, and the fact that many different drugs can be used alone or in different combinations (generating multiple potential protocols of controlled ovarian stimulation), we consider the need to identify special populations of patients and adapt treatment protocols accordingly (source: RBEJ)."

We applaud the research done here for recognizing the importance of customization in the area of IVF protocols.  At New Hope, we are currently gathering similar data for our study that compares our Mini-IVF™ treatment with conventional IVF treatments, which we hope will only help our clinic maintain its position as a leader in the area of fertility care as we continue our own education on the topic.

We will have more on New Hope's study in the coming months, and you can click here for the latest information on our minimal stimulation techniques.

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Predicting IVF Success

Posted by NHFC

A recent study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology has found a link between AMH levels and IVF success rates.

Through their research, clinicians at Brown University have discovered that patients with a higher level of the Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) in their blood were able to produce more eggs for IVF than those with lower levels of AMH.  Fertility specialists believe the ability to detect AMH levels can better assist doctors in the individual treatment of IVF patients (source: BioNews).

In vitro fertilization involves stimulating a woman's reproductive system in order to produce eggs that can then be inseminated outside of the body and returned to the uterus.  Oftentimes, IVF treatments involve the use of fertility drugs in order to assist a woman with egg production, which in worst case scenarios, can be high risk treatments that involve overmedication, ovarian hyperstimulation, and multiple pregnancies.  The Brown University studies show the efforts on behalf of fertility researchers as they work to discover the most efficient treatments for individual patients, which we strongly support here at New Hope through our Natural IVF and Mini-IVF protocols.

The recent findings by the medical professionals at Brown University are exciting developments that, if confirmed by more research, will only better serve IVF doctors in the individual treatments of patients.  This research underlines the importance of treating every potential mother on a case-by-case basis in order to increase success rates and decrease overmedication and other health risks for both mother and child.

More details on this study can be found here.

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IVF Clinical Trial Success Story

Posted by NHFC

We'll let the post speak for itself, but we recently saw that someone posted about their recent experience with New Hope and the Clinical Trial (more information can be found at http://ivfclinicaltrial.com). We are always happy when we are able to help people realize their dreams!

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Clinical Trials

Posted by NHFC

New Hope Fertility Clinic is conducting the first IVF clinical trial to offer patients assisted reproduction treatment with the costs of the procedures included. This means that we cover all medical consulting, blood tests, ultrasound monitoring, IVF procedures and IVF-related medications. Candidates are only responsible for the cost associated with any required pre-screening testing to confirm eligibility. We are enrolling woman between the ages of 18 and 38, who have experienced difficulty conceiving for more than 12 months with no previous IVF attempts.

We recently came across a post on the fertility discussion forum “FertileThoughts.com”: (http://www.fertilethoughts.com/forums/financing-your-ivf/698395-new-york-new-hope.html)… from a woman who had been struggling with infertility came across our clinical trials site (ivfclinicaltrial.com) wrote about her excitement to find:

“…a clinical trial in NYC with the cost of drugs and treatment included...this is for real, I was accepted into the program and had my 1st embryo transfer 11/14 the only cost to me was the trains in and out of the city... if you live in the metro area it is worth looking into and taking the quiz... ivfclinicaltrial.com. Good luck and baby dust to all TTC!!!”

Thanks for the effusive post, and this clinical trial is, in fact, for real. The trial is being run at New Hope in collaboration with the center for Reproductive Medicine at the University of Amsterdam. The trial is designed to compare conventional IVF protocol and minimal-stimulation IVF protocols (Mini IVF™), in terms of both pregnancy rates and treatment costs. Additionally, the study will seek to determine which of the two methods is more patient-friendly by comparing the psychological impact of these two types of IVF treatments, as well as the side effects of medications required by the respective protocols. As each cycle is slightly different, doctors constantly review cycles to fine tune the protocol for each patient, individually, going forward.

The study has been approved and is being monitored by the Human Research Review Committee of the New York Downtown Hospital. We were particularly concerned with making the study as universally applicable as possible, and in order to include a broad representation of infertile patients and couples in the study, we made the clinical trials as financially accessible as possible. We welcome anyone who thinks they might be eligible to take our test: http://ivfclinicaltrial.com/prescreeningquiz.aspx.
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