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Is A Natural IVF Safer Than Other Infertility Treatments?

Posted by New Hope Fertility Center

Traditionally, in vitro fertilization, or IVF, uses large quantities of fertility medication to stimulate your ovaries to produce a large number of eggs.  While IVF has been highly successful at treating infertility, there are some side effects when using large doses of fertility medication.  Natural IVF provides a more holistic approach to IVF treatment without the side effects experienced with Traditional IVF protocols.

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Sextuplets born in Pennsylvania

Posted by NHFC

A Pennsylvania couple has recently become new parents -- of sextuplets.  Stacey and Brendan Carey of Feasterville, PA gave birth to the newborns through cesarean section this past Monday.  Carey delivered at 27 weeks, meaning the tiny infants were born nearly 10 weeks premature.  They remain in critical condition, some of them weighing just one pound one ounce.

As the media begins to swarm around the family, the couple and the hospital staff involved are exhibiting an everlasting pride towards the 'miracle' while the six babies still face the road to recovery; all are still hooked up to ventilators and receiving IV support (source: CNN).  The couple has vaguely emphasized that they "did not get pregnant through IVF, but through regular ovulation induction" (source: Fox 29).

Although the aforementioned statement downplays their procedure, it sounds likely that this situation came about as a result of hyperstimulation, and while not involving IVF, is still the kind of irresponsible over-medication that we discourage with our Natural IVF and Mini-IVF protocols.

Among fertility specialists, ovulation induction and IUI treatments, though effective in some cases, raise concerns when combined with hyperstimulation protocols. Hyperstimulation can cause high-risk pregnancies that are both dangerous for the mothers and result in dangerous conditions for multiple birth infants, and in worse case scenarios, can lead to Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS).

We will continue to follow this story and the health of the six newborns as it continues.
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