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Trying to Conceive Again | IVF Success Stories

Posted by NHFC

At New Hope, we have the pleasure of helping many women get pregnant who have either failed multiple treatments elsewhere or even had unsuccessful attempts at our own clinic. For those undergoing fertility treatments, we understand giving patients false hope is not beneficial for either party as they begin their treatment -- especially for those beginning their treatment again.  On the other hand, our team of fertility specialists pride themselves in being able to treat even the most difficult cases, which is where customizing our protocols comes into action.Through our individualized fertility care programs, we've been able to help women who have failed IVF before get pregnant, all while using minimally invasive techniques.

One such case involved a 36-year-old who arrived at New Hope after failing IVF multiple times at other centers in New York.  With the special approach of Dr. Chang, who has experience with "IVF non-responders," he was able to discover Ms. 36 had an embryo rejection issue.  With this knowledge he made adjustments to her protocol, and despite her diagnosis, she got pregnant from a Natural IVF cycle transfer (no medications) from her embryo created through Mini-IVF™!

Another notable case involving a woman with a history of failed IVF was 43 when she arrived at New Hope.  Again, understanding her IVF history helped our fertility team adjust her protocols accordingly, and we're happy to announce she got pregnant through an injection-less protocol and a fresh embryo transfer!

If you're trying to conceive after experiencing multiple IVF failures, there's still hope.  We have the team and protocols available to reach success even under the most "difficult" circumstances. Schedule a consultation today.
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Maximizing Health, Minimizing Risk | Mini-IVF™ Success Stories

Posted by NHFC

With the Jones quintuplets currently claiming the NICU at Southwestern Medical Center as their temporary home, now could not be a more appropriate time to highlight the benefits of minimal stimulation IVF.

Conceived through injectable IUIs, the Jones quintuplets, who range from 1 pounds 12 ounces to 2 pounds 11 ounces, are a prime example of injectable IUIs leading to high risk multiple births.  According to our resident fertility specialist Dr. Lyndon Chang, "many, if not most, higher level gestations (triplets, quads, quints) are not from IVF, but from injectable IUIs, which are unnecessary and dangerous."

That being said, the time has come for those in the assisted reproduction community to start adopting and utilizing more minimally invasive fertility treatments. Mini-IVF™ harnesses the power of nature by relying more on the body's naturally occurring processes and less on copious amounts of injectable fertility medications. In addition, the treatment lessens the risks (ie. OHSS) that come with producing an overabundance of eggs, which often happens with conventional treatments.

At New Hope, we've had a couple of recent IVF success stories using our trademarked Mini-IVF™ treatment.  Our first such case involved a 29-year old struggling with primary infertility.  After just 1 Mini-IVF™ cycle and a single embryo transfer, she got pregnant.  Her particular treatment demonstrates both cost-effectiveness (1 cycle, no injectables) and safety (we transferred just one embryo, as would happen in nature).

Our second IVF success story is similar to our first and involved a  31-year-old also suffering from primary infertility.  She also completed just 1 Mini-IVF™ cycle and chose to freeze her embryos.  After transferring just one of those embryos, she also achieved a successful pregnancy.

Both women are great examples of how safe and cost-effective fertility treatments like Mini-IVF™ (also known as Low Dose IVF, IVF Lite, and Green IVF) work.  Not only do they save future parents money during treatment, but also cut down on neonatal healthcare costs since they greatly reduce the chance of getting pregnant with multiples, which are risky for both mother and child.

As we pray for the Jones' quints as they get stronger in the NICU, the assisted reproduction community cannot wait any longer in letting those undergoing fertility treatments know there are safer and more cost-effective options out there.

Make sure to ask your fertility specialist about low dose and single embryo protocols.
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Getting Pregnant After 40 | IVF Success Stories

Posted by NHFC

Sometimes life doesn't always go as planned.  When you were in your twenties, you may have found yourself talking with your girlfriends about how you'd all have kids in 10 years, and if you didn't have kids yet, you'd at least be married.

If your family life didn't go quite as planned and you find yourself wanting to get pregnant in your 40s, there is no reason to rid of your lifelong dreams.  Perhaps you excelled in your career or dated several men who didn't meet your needs in the right way.  Whatever the reason, it's okay to still want what you dreamed of when you pictured "Mr. Right" or envisioned yourself holding your baby for the first time.

At New Hope Fertility, we don't discriminate based on age, and since our protocols are customized for each individual patient, we've been able to help many women in their 40s get pregnant.

We recently helped a few women in their 40s successfully conceive using donor eggs and our natural IVF techniques.  Our first patient arrived at New Hope dealing with secondary infertility at the age of 43. After electing to try our international Donor Egg IVF Program, she got pregnant -- with twins -- following her frozen embryo transfer.

Another woman came to NHFC, also at the age of 43, struggling with unexplained primary infertility. Due to a high FSH and her personal preference, Ms. 43 tried our Natural Cycle IVF protocol, and after a fresh embryo transfer using her own egg and no fertility medications, she got pregnant!

Our last IVF success story involves a 42-year-old, also struggling with primary infertility and hoping to try a less invasive approach to her fertility care.  Following her frozen embryo transfer retrieved from our Mini-IVF™ treatment, she recently announced she was pregnant.

Congratulations to our three recent IVF success stories from women in their 40s.  You are mommy models for us all!

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Our New PGD Testing Process | IVF Success Stories

Posted by NHFC

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis testing is a valuable tool for anyone wishing to avoid passing along genetic disorders to their unborn child.  At New Hope, we've been offering PGD testing since 2004, and have recently partnered with PGD experts, Reprogenetics, to provide our patients with the latest in PGD testing technology.  In addition to using PGD testing for family balancing, our latest PGD aCGH testing is officially the most comprehensive test that families can utilize in their efforts to detect significant genetic abnormalities.

In the past, our PGD tests could only check for a specific types of chromosomes to help us identify the healthiest fertilized eggs for use in IVF treatment or subsequent embryo freezing.  With the help of Reprogenetics, however, aCGH PGD testing now allows our embryologists to test all the chromosomes in a given selection of embryos, greatly increasing our ability to detect genetic abnormalities across a wider spectrum.  Our new aCGH testing not only decreases the chance of transferring an embryo that carries chromosomal deviants, but greatly increases our patients' chance of achieving a healthy pregnancy and bringing it to term since we're selecting, implanting, and freezing only the healthiest embryos.

We have a few recent IVF success stories involving women who used our PGD testing during their treatment at New Hope.  Our first patient, a 40-year-old, used our new aCGH biopsy to ensure we used the healthiest embryos during her cycle. Upon completing an aCGH biopsy and subsequent embryo transfer, she announced she was pregnant.  We're thrilled to be able to provide her peace of mind through our latest PGD testing process, and can't wait to continue a healthy journey with her during her pregnancy.

Our other two patients utilized our PGD testing for family balancing purposes.  The first, a 37-year-old, came to New Hope after struggling with secondary infertility.  While her first transfer failed transfer following her Mini-IVF™ cycles, she got pregnant with her first daughter following a second frozen embryo transfer.  Congrats to Ms. 37 on her pregnancy, and to her first child, who now has a baby sister to look after!

Our final IVF success story using PGD involves a 22-year-old, also suffering from secondary infertility.  After a couple of our trademarked Mini-IVF™ cycles, she was able to get pregnant with a boy following her first frozen (single) embryo transfer.  Congratulations to Ms. 22 on the upcoming birth of her first son!

If you or your partner are known carriers of genetic disorders and wish to avoid passing them along to your child, schedule a consultation with us or visit Reprogenetics online to learn more about PGD using aCGH.

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Getting Pregnant After Tubal Blockage | IVF Success

Posted by NHFC

There are many different causes of tubal blockage that can make it difficult to achieve a healthy pregnancy.  Endometriosis, for instance, causes scarring around the fallopian tubes and other reproductive organs where uterine lining gets misplaced due to the disorder, which fertility experts believe causes the tubal blockage that leads to infertility.  Other cases of tubal blockage can be caused by scarring from previous childbirth or complications from Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.

Fortunately, for those struggling with tubal factor infertility, there is still hope.  We have two recent IVF success stories from women who came to New Hope and get pregnant despite their tubal issues.

Our first story involves a 33-year-old with a history of primary infertility and bilateral tubal blockage. She completed 1 Mini-IVF™ cycle and had a fresh embryo transfer that, unfortunately, did not take. While these complications were expected due to the severity of Ms. 33's tubal blockage (not one, but both fallopian tubes), but we elected to try one more time with a frozen embryo transfer.  The following month, she had a (single) frozen embryo transfer and, we're happy to announce, got pregnant!

Our second IVF success story comes from Ms. 32, who came to New Hope after experiencing secondary infertility related to problems with her tubes.  Like Ms. 33, she elected to try our trademarked Mini-IVF™ treatment, and after her first frozen embryo transfer, she got pregnant.

Congratulations to both of these women who got pregnant after tubal factor infertility! Your shared experiences give hope to women with tubal blockage who also one day hope to realize their dreams of motherhood.

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Trying to Conceive Again | IVF Success Stories

Posted by NHFC

With recent headlines examining the success rates of IVF for those women who try more than once, we decided to dedicate a post to those women who keep getting back up even after IVF failure.  Depending on the initial infertility diagnosis (ie. tubal blockage, a reproductive disorder, or unexplained infertility), there are several different factors that can contribute to a cycle getting cancelled or failing to "catch" on the first try.  When it comes to your future as a parent; however, the most important characteristics one can hold are resilience and persistence.  After all, when you've gotten as far as facing infertility head on, the next logical step is trying until you succeed.

Our first story comes from a 36-year-old woman who was struggling with primary unexplained infertility when she first arrived at New Hope.  After completing our trademarked Mini-IVF™ treatment, she elected to freeze her embryos.  Unfortunately, following her first embryo transfer she did not get pregnant, but after her second frozen embryo transfer we're happy to announce that she got pregnant -- and with twins!

Our second IVF success story comes from a 44-year-old, who came to New Hope after having trouble getting pregnant with her second child.  After a few Natural IVF Cycles (drug-less fertility treatment that utilizes close monitoring), she did not get pregnant, but she opted to keep trying.  After careful consideration, and the desire to avoid overmedication, Ms. 44 and our doctors decided to move her to our Donor Program.  After her donor frozen embryo transfer, she finally came back with a positive pregnancy test.

Our final story for this week involves a 33-year-old struggling with secondary infertility, like Ms. 44. Ms. 33 decided to try a couple Mini-IVF™ cycles to produce viable eggs for implantation without the overmedication involved with conventional IVF.  Unfortunately, her first frozen embryo transfer did not take.  We then decided to try a couple Ultra Mini-IVF™ cycle (no injectionables) and 1 Natural Cycle to collect viable eggs.  After producing a viable egg from her Natural Cycle, she got pregnant.  Case in point that less is more when it comes to producing eggs for transfer during IVF.  As we always say, it only takes one good egg!

Congratulations to these three women who kept pushing to realize their dreams of motherhood.  You're an example to us all!

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