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Truths About Egg Freezing: Part 1

A lot of patients have been inquiring about Egg Freezing since the technology’s media boom with Facebook and Apple. There is a ton of research and information on out the internet, but still, there are some common questions that we are asked.

How many Eggs Should I freeze?


This is probably the most common question. Why is it so popular? Well, it has to do with the way fertility clinics charge for Egg Freezing. It’s elective, not always covered by insurance, and, let’s face it… Egg Freezing is not cheap!

Your doctor should be straight forward with you with how many cycles you will probably have to go through in order to get a nice quantity for freezing.   This may sound like a scam to some women.

Why do I have to do this multiple times?

Egg retrieval success (the number of eggs collected for storing) varies from woman to woman. You usually have to pay for the procedure, the medicine, monitoring, consultations, and finally storage—for as long as you want to store the eggs.

The main reason women want to do Egg Freezing is because they want to be pregnant at some later date.   Not all eggs will result in healthy, live births. There could be a chromosomal anomaly, there might be a developmental problem after fertilization—there are many things that could go wrong, which is why having a baby truly is such a miracle. Per that, if your goal is to have a baby, why rest your hopes on just one egg? Common practice is to collect multiple eggs to maximize your chances of pregnancy later on. Further, the older the patient, the more eggs we recommend freezing. Since you usually pay a flat storage rate, try freezing as many as possible.

Patient Age

Recommend # of Eggs Frozen






Minimum of 30

Dr. Zhang, Medical Director of New Hope Fertility Center, suggests that, “there is a correlation between patient age and egg quality, however, a good egg is always a good egg.” However, the number of good eggs might be fewer in older patients than in younger one’s. Keep in mind, NOW is always the best time to start planning your future.

Free egg freezing consultation and 1 year of storage

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