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Truths about Egg Freezing: Part 2



 A lot of patients have been inquiring about Egg Freezing since the technology’s media boom with Facebook and Apple.  There is a ton of research and information on out the internet, but still, there are some common questions that we are asked.


 How do I choose a clinic that is good at Egg Freezing?

 First there were Tupperware parties.  Then there were other home sale parties, cooking supply, jewelry, and homemade mushroom teas.  Now it’s 2015 and the trend is hipper than ever.  EGG FREEZING PARTIES seem to be rolling out in every fertility clinic across the nation.  Some offer discounts, some offer free storage, some other offers.   Each one is more enticing than the last, but which clinic is the best?  How do you choose a clinic right for you?

It’s hard since Fertility Clinics are not supposed to compare statistics to entice patients.  That would be unethical.  SART offers a spreadsheet longer than our office hallway with the success rates.  This is a good start.  “Thanks for the help,” you say, and then pick up your darts to make a selection.

Dr. John Zhang, Medical Director of New Hope Fertility Center in Manhattan offers several pieces of advice.

“Egg Freezing is not the end result women are looking for,” he suggests.  “Women who freeze their eggs want to become pregnant.  So a good place to start looking for a good clinic option would be to look at the LIVE BIRTH RATE from FROZEN EMBRYOS.”   This is the most telling statistic you could ask for.  How many babies did you actually make that are now living, breathing, laughing little bundles of joy?

ASK YOUR DOCTOR!!!!   Be informed and evaluate your options by asking the doctors.  A lot of clinic doctors are fresh out of medical school.  They read about this in a book, learned about it in class, practiced while in residency.  But how many real cases do they have to their credit?  Ask them flat out.  This number is a point of pride among doctors.  If they can’t answer it within a close ballpark, they might not be right for you.

 You can tell the quality of a clinic by the quality of their laboratory.  You might not be able to actually tell by looking at all the shiny, fancy microscopes that can see each molecule.  But here’s a rule of thumb:  With fresh eggs, a clinic’s quality can be assessed within 3-4 months.  Right?  You have retrieval, the egg is fertilized and implanted, and 4 months later you are looking at your baby on a screen.  Cool.  Frozen eggs may stay frozen for 3-5 years before being thawed and implanted.


This plate was given to Dr. John Zhang by Osamu Kato (1946-2014), the pioneer of low stimulation IVF and Vitrification, in recognition of excellence and significant contributions to the study of Vitrification and Reproductive Medicine.

How long a clinic has been around really is important.  “You need a clinic with a track record,” Zhang says.  “Your future is on the line here, literally, why would you trust someone who hasn’t been around long enough to even get the results you are looking for?”  New Hope Fertility has been doing Egg Freezing with Vitrification for over 10 years.  They had over 400 babies from Egg Freezing since 2004 alone.  

Free egg freezing consultation and 1 year of storage

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