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Trying to Conceive Again | IVF Success Stories

With recent headlines examining the success rates of IVF for those women who try more than once, we decided to dedicate a post to those women who keep getting back up even after IVF failure.  Depending on the initial infertility diagnosis (ie. tubal blockage, a reproductive disorder, or unexplained infertility), there are several different factors that can contribute to a cycle getting cancelled or failing to "catch" on the first try.  When it comes to your future as a parent; however, the most important characteristics one can hold are resilience and persistence.  After all, when you've gotten as far as facing infertility head on, the next logical step is trying until you succeed.

Our first story comes from a 36-year-old woman who was struggling with primary unexplained infertility when she first arrived at New Hope.  After completing our trademarked Mini-IVF™ treatment, she elected to freeze her embryos.  Unfortunately, following her first embryo transfer she did not get pregnant, but after her second frozen embryo transfer we're happy to announce that she got pregnant -- and with twins!

Our second IVF success story comes from a 44-year-old, who came to New Hope after having trouble getting pregnant with her second child.  After a few Natural IVF Cycles (drug-less fertility treatment that utilizes close monitoring), she did not get pregnant, but she opted to keep trying.  After careful consideration, and the desire to avoid overmedication, Ms. 44 and our doctors decided to move her to our Donor Program.  After her donor frozen embryo transfer, she finally came back with a positive pregnancy test.

Our final story for this week involves a 33-year-old struggling with secondary infertility, like Ms. 44. Ms. 33 decided to try a couple Mini-IVF™ cycles to produce viable eggs for implantation without the overmedication involved with conventional IVF.  Unfortunately, her first frozen embryo transfer did not take.  We then decided to try a couple Ultra Mini-IVF™ cycle (no injectionables) and 1 Natural Cycle to collect viable eggs.  After producing a viable egg from her Natural Cycle, she got pregnant.  Case in point that less is more when it comes to producing eggs for transfer during IVF.  As we always say, it only takes one good egg!

Congratulations to these three women who kept pushing to realize their dreams of motherhood.  You're an example to us all!
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