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Trying to Conceive Again | IVF Success Stories

At New Hope, we have the pleasure of helping many women get pregnant who have either failed multiple treatments elsewhere or even had unsuccessful attempts at our own clinic. For those undergoing fertility treatments, we understand giving patients false hope is not beneficial for either party as they begin their treatment -- especially for those beginning their treatment again.  On the other hand, our team of fertility specialists pride themselves in being able to treat even the most difficult cases, which is where customizing our protocols comes into action.Through our individualized fertility care programs, we've been able to help women who have failed IVF before get pregnant, all while using minimally invasive techniques.

One such case involved a 36-year-old who arrived at New Hope after failing IVF multiple times at other centers in New York.  With the special approach of Dr. Chang, who has experience with "IVF non-responders," he was able to discover Ms. 36 had an embryo rejection issue.  With this knowledge he made adjustments to her protocol, and despite her diagnosis, she got pregnant from a Natural IVF cycle transfer (no medications) from her embryo created through Mini-IVF™!

Another notable case involving a woman with a history of failed IVF was 43 when she arrived at New Hope.  Again, understanding her IVF history helped our fertility team adjust her protocols accordingly, and we're happy to announce she got pregnant through an injection-less protocol and a fresh embryo transfer!

If you're trying to conceive after experiencing multiple IVF failures, there's still hope.  We have the team and protocols available to reach success even under the most "difficult" circumstances. Schedule a consultation today.

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