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Trying To Get Pregnant? Avoid These 5 Known Semen Killers

Trying To Get Pregnant? Avoid These 5 Known Semen Killers 

There are a number of factors that play into success when a couple is trying to get pregnant. While many people look at the female issues surrounding pregnancy success, it is easy to overlook how important a role the male plays in conceiving.  If you are trying to get pregnant, take care to avoid these five known sperm killers:  top-fertility-nyc

Saunas and Hot Tubs

Unlike women who are born with all of the eggs they will have, men’s bodies continually produce sperm.  Sperm production can be drastically effected by heat, especially from saunas and hot tubs.  High temperatures can negatively affect sperm counts and motility for months after exposure.

Laptop Use

Many people place their laptop computers in their laps while working.  While this may be convenient, the heat from the laptop has the potential to cause issues with a man’s sperm.  To be safe, place laptop computers on tables or other surfaces to keep potentially damaging heat away from the testicles.


The type of underwear a man chooses can affect his fertility.  Briefs hold the reproductive organs closer to the body, thereby raising their temperature.  To be safe, wear boxers that allow for air circulation and for the body to be at the optimal temperature for optimal reproductive health.

Cell Phones

Cell phones produce low levels of radiation that can be harmful to sperm quantity and quality.  Rather than carrying a cell phone in your front pocket, carry it in a jacket or away from your body to limit radiation exposure.


Research shows that obesity has a direct correlation with the production of female hormones and a decreased sperm count.  It is important to maintain a healthy body weight, have a balanced diet, and to exercise regularly for the best reproductive health. 

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