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Getting Pregnant After Tubal Blockage | IVF Success

There are many different causes of tubal blockage that can make it difficult to achieve a healthy pregnancy.  Endometriosis, for instance, causes scarring around the fallopian tubes and other reproductive organs where uterine lining gets misplaced due to the disorder, which fertility experts believe causes the tubal blockage that leads to infertility.  Other cases of tubal blockage can be caused by scarring from previous childbirth or complications from Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.

Fortunately, for those struggling with tubal factor infertility, there is still hope.  We have two recent IVF success stories from women who came to New Hope and get pregnant despite their tubal issues.

Our first story involves a 33-year-old with a history of primary infertility and bilateral tubal blockage. She completed 1 Mini-IVF™ cycle and had a fresh embryo transfer that, unfortunately, did not take. While these complications were expected due to the severity of Ms. 33's tubal blockage (not one, but both fallopian tubes), but we elected to try one more time with a frozen embryo transfer.  The following month, she had a (single) frozen embryo transfer and, we're happy to announce, got pregnant!

Our second IVF success story comes from Ms. 32, who came to New Hope after experiencing secondary infertility related to problems with her tubes.  Like Ms. 33, she elected to try our trademarked Mini-IVF™ treatment, and after her first frozen embryo transfer, she got pregnant.

Congratulations to both of these women who got pregnant after tubal factor infertility! Your shared experiences give hope to women with tubal blockage who also one day hope to realize their dreams of motherhood.

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