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Twin Pregnancy Reduction & IVF

A few weeks ago we examined the NY Times article that depicted a couple's choice to reduce their twin pregnancy to a singleton after undergoing IVF treatment to help them conceive.

The story has received a lot of feedback lately, especially from those who consider the choice to be less than favorable as other options are considered such as single embryo transfers, surrogacy, and adoption.

As we have highlighted, when undergoing IVF treatment the patient and doctor should make clear the possible outcomes of IVF, especially if multiple embryos are being transferred, which increases the chance of multiple pregnancies.  In cases like that in the "The Two-Minus-One Pregnancy," unwanted multiple births can be avoided when administering IVF care to patients through single embryo transfer protocols.

You can see more opinions on this story at NY Times here.

Topics: Single Embryo Transfer, Fertility, Embryo Transfer, IVF

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