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Breaking Down The Ultra Mini-IVF

belly-flower.jpgThe revolutionary Minimal Stimulation IVF (Mini-IVF) holsitic protocol is growing in popularity because it is successful and requires less fertility medications. New Hope Fertility NYC's celebrated Mini-IVF has achieved pregnancy succes rates comparable to those of Conventional IVF. The Ultra Mini-IVF takes the minimal stimulation protocol a step further by only using oral fertility medications.

Ultra Mini IVF Process

Fertility medication has a number of impacts on the system and may be used for a variety of reasons. In an Ultra Mini IVF protocol, oral medication is used to gently stimulate the body to produce a small number of eggs. Typically administered via one to two pills per day, the goal of the ultra mini protocol is to produce high quality eggs.

Advantages of a Ultra Mini IVF protocol include:

  • Significantly reduced likelihood of developing OHSS
  • Reduced mulitple pregnancy chances
  • Fewer side effects due to the reduced amount of fertility medication
  • A more comfortable cycle
  • Less expense due to the absence of injectable fertility medications
  • No injection site pain as injectable medications are not used

Because there are a smaller number of eggs produced and surgically retrieved, the process is faster and has a quicker recovery time than with a traditional IVF protocol.

Candidates for an Ultra Mini Cycle

There are a number of individuals who may find that an ultra mini IVF protocol is ideal for their needs including:

  • Women who wish to avoid the use of injectable fertility medication
  • Women who are at risk for developing OHSS with large doses of fertility medication
  • Women who are concerned with the quality rather than the quantity of eggs retrieved
  • Women who are not likely to respond to injectable fertility medication
  • Women who only need mild medication support in order to supplement their natural fertility

Preeminent Ultimate Mini IVF Provider

To learn if the ultra mini IVF process can work to address your fertility care needs, call the Fertility Experts at New Hope Fertility NYC by clicking the icon below - or - simply call 917.525.5496.

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