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Visit New Hope Fertility Center Today To Start Planning Your Future

The choice of a fertility center is one of the most important decisions a couple faces during their fertility care.  Best in class centers will have high success rates, state of the art facilities, attentive staff, emotional support and competitive rates, while maintaining a focus on the specific needs of each patient.  New Hope Fertility Center provides all of this and more in their conveniently located Manhattan location.


The New Hope Difference

Every person is unique and has needs, goals and dreams that are specific to their lives.  This uniqueness must be considered and addressed during fertility treatment.  Rather than using standard protocols, the New Hope team first understands the specific medical needs of each patient.  Then, working with each patient, the New Hope team crafts a treatment plan that respects the patient’s wishes while providing the best chance at becoming pregnant.  Because treatment plans are specifically tailored to each person’s exact needs, New Hope is able to achieve high success rates. 

A Holistic Approach

Fertility medication can be a useful tool in the treatment of fertility issues.  However, over prescribing fertility medication does not increase success rates.  In fact, unnecessary fertility medication can create a number of undesirable side effects that make fertility treatment physically difficult and uncomfortable. 

The New Hope team suggests a more holistic approach to fertility care.  Rather than artificially creating fertility through the use of medication, New Hope aims to support each woman’s natural fertility.  Their holistic approach to treatment may be seen through:

  • A natural IVF treatment option that does not use fertility medication
  • A minimal stimulation treatment option that uses low amounts of fertility medication to gently stimulate a woman’s reproductive system
  • A belief that all it takes is “one good egg” to have a healthy pregnancy
  • Offering of yoga to clients for physical fitness, stress relief and emotional wellbeing during treatment
  • Support groups to help to address the emotional cost of fertility care

Despite their more holistic approach to fertility care, New Hope Fertility Center has success rates that rival that of traditional IVF treatment.

Schedule an appointment today with New Hope Fertility Center to receive a tour of our state of the art facility and speak with one of our fertility experts.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.

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