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Want To Get Pregnant? Tell Your Husband To Avoid These 5 Proven Sperm Killers

Often when there’s a delay in getting pregnant, people believe the issue is caused by the woman’s fertility.  While it is true that women have more working parts than men, male fertility plays an equally important role in conceiving. Male fertility issues count for as much as 30 percent of fertility issues.   


The quality of sperm can dramatically affect how long it takes you to get pregnant. There are five simple things your husband can do to improve the quality of his sperm:

Avoid Overheating

When a man’s testicles are overheated, a temperature raised to above 98 degrees Fahrenheit, the production of sperm is stopped. The effects of this stoppage can be seen for months after the incident that caused the warming. In addition to having fewer sperm in the ejaculate, the mobility and morphology is affected as well which can also cause difficulty with fertilization. Avoiding hot tubs, saunas, and other high temperature activities can help to alleviate this risk.

Reposition His Laptop

It is common for laptops to get warm while they are being worked on. If a man has a laptop on his lap, its heat can effect sperm production. Your husband should place his laptop on a table to avoid the risk to sperm production.

Say No To Briefs

A man’s choice in underwear can influence the success rate of his sperm. The effects of the underwear can be more pronounced in men who have a low sperm count. Wearing tight underwear is not the ideal environment for the production of high quality sperm.

Change His Cell Phone Placement

Studies have found that sperm production decreases as cell phone use increases. Carrying his cell phone in his pants pockets can reduce a man’s fertility. Therefore, it is better to carry the phone in a briefcase or a jacket pocket to reduce the amount of radiation his testicles receive.

Lose Weight

Obese men tend to have lower sperm counts than their healthy counterparts.  In addition to improving their overall health, losing pounds and maintaining a healthy weight can increase fertility.

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