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Weathering the Storm

There is nothing like a storm of a century to bring a city together. While we know that there are still many without power or heat (and in some cases without homes) and that the effects of Hurricane Sandy are still being felt in a variety of ways throughout the northeast, we are happy to see the gradual recovery as it happens across many realms. We are also always happy to hear news of people and places that have found ways to weather the storm, and in many instances, to weather it together.

Some of you may have seen this recent article in the Huffington Post about safe embryos, and frozen eggs and sperm from the NYU Fertility Center, who was able to do 11 egg retrievals already in our Columbus Circle facilities. We feel incredibly lucky to have been so unaffected by the storm and that we were able to keep our Columbus Circle doors open not just to our patients, but for other clinics and their patients.

We hope for a speedy recovery for the rest of the city -- perhaps we can all soon be back to operating "business as usual".

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