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Welcome to the Year of the Dragon!

Today marks the official start date of the Year of the Dragon. As such, many Chinese and Chinese-American couples are racing towards the fertility clinics to increase their chances of having a baby before February of 2013 (source: The Wall Street Journal).

According to Chinese culture, the Year of the Dragon is considered the luckiest of the Chinese lunar years, and is said to bring luck in love, business, and babies. It is also a belief that babies born this year will be blessed with good fortune, strength and intelligence, and will generally thrive in all aspects of life as they engage in marriage, career, and building a family.

Increases in fertility treatments have shown growth around the globe -- with as much as 250% increases in business from Chinese couples wishing to conceive and deliver in the Year of the Dragon. Many couples have started their search for surrogates and Chinese donor eggs in hope that they will have a child born in the Year of the Dragon.

Whatever the motivation may be, we fully support the journey to motherhood and hope to serve as a sanctuary to those looking for hope and support as they try to have a family. We have a world-class egg donor program, high success rates with our holistic approach to IVF, and also have a surrogate program.

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