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What Are My Chances Of Success With IVF

IVF success rates are among the most important factors when considering a fertility clinic.  However, this measurement should not be evaluated alone and must be considered alongside other factors.   infertility-specialists

SART or the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies compiles IVF success rates for fertility centers nationwide.   Although there have been many advancements in the types of IVF protocols available, SART statistics speak specifically to conventional IVF treatment.  Individuals who choose a more holistic, minimal stimulation IVF protocol need to understand their IVF success rates may be different. 

New Hope Fertility Center is a leading provider of fertility treatment in NYC.  Their practice specializes in providing fertility treatment that builds upon a woman’s natural fertility. This is done by carefully monitoring a woman’s cycle and determining the specific level of support her body needs for optimal fertility.  This approach allows New Hope to have high success rates that are comparable to conventional IVF treatment while using significantly less fertility medication. 

New Hope IVF Success Rates

New Hope specializes in more holistic approaches to IVF treatment.  By using less fertility medication, IVF cycles are safer, more comfortable and can result in better outcomes.  New Hope offers two treatment options in addition to conventional IVF treatment:

  • Mini IVF uses a combination of oral medication and small amounts of injectable medication to encourage a woman’s body to produce between three and five eggs during a single cycle.  The small number of eggs are of a high quality and a well suited for fertilization and pregnancy. 
  • Natural IVF does not use fertility medication to increase fertility.  The natural approach to IVF monitors a woman’s cycle and harvests the one egg her body produces naturally.  This natural egg is the highest quality egg a woman can produce. 

With both protocols, New Hope has a single egg transfer policy.  Research has shown that transferring multiple eggs does not increase the likelihood of pregnancy.  Instead, the chance for multiple pregnancy is significantly increased which poses real risks to mother and child. 

On average, 1.1 embryos are transferred per minimal stimulation IVF cycle.   For every 2.2 embryos transferred, 70 percent result in a live birth.  This is in stark contrast to the national average using conventional IVF treatment that has a live birth rate of 40 percent.

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