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What Are The Best Natural Fertility Treatments

Natural fertility treatments are a holistic way of addressing infertility.  Often, when people think of fertility treatments, they also consider fertility medication and the potential side effects.  Fertility treatments can be done without large doses of fertility medication.  In fact, natural fertility treatments, done under a doctor’s care can have success rates that are comparable to standard IVF protocols. 

New Hope Fertility Center, conveniently located in Manhattan, offers customized fertility treatments in their state of the art practice.  They believe that it only takes “one good egg” to achieve a healthy pregnancy.  Their treatment approach begins by first understanding the unique needs of each of their patients and developing a plan that addresses those exact needs.  By not having a cookie cutter approach to fertility care, the team at New Hope is able to extend fertility treatments to women who may be turned away at other facilities.  New Hope does not refuse to extend care to women due to their age, FSH levels or ability to produce multiple eggs. 

There are many options for natural fertility treatments including:


  • Timed intercourse – A woman is only fertile for a 24 hour period during her cycle, immediately following ovulation.  Therefore, timing intercourse is extremely important when trying to get pregnant.  Having your cycle monitored by medical professionals can give you the best insight on when to have intercourse in order to become pregnant.  Blood work and ultrasound give an accurate picture of where a woman is in her cycle and allows for the prediction of ovulation.  Monitoring during the cycle can also give the fertility care team real time results of how the cycle is progressing and can identify potential issues.
  • Natural IVF – An in vitro fertilization protocol that does not use fertility medication, Natural IVF does not require multiple eggs.  The goal of a natural IVF cycle is to harvest the one egg that a woman’s body produces naturally.  This egg is then fertilized and monitored.  At the ideal time, the embryo is transferred back into the mother’s uterus so it may implant.  Women who are unable to produce large numbers of eggs, that may not respond to fertility treatment or who want to avoid the use of fertility medication are ideal candidates for the natural protocol.   The lack of side effects from fertility medication makes the treatment safer and more comfortable than traditional IVF treatments.

Natural fertility treatments help couples who want to become pregnant do so without the use of fertility medication.  Those with holistic lifestyles can take advantage of these treatments without compromising their beliefs.

To receive additional information on natural fertility treatments or to learn more about personalized fertility care plans, contact New Hope today. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.

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