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What Are The Most Successful Fertility Drugs

Fertility medication plays a large role in fertility treatment.  Through the use of fertility drugs, your body can be stimulated to restore your fertility and lay the foundation to support a pregnancy.  While fertility medication does have side effects, using successful fertility drugs can help to start the family you’ve been dreaming of. 

Some of the most successful fertility drugs are:doctors-for-pregnancy

  • Clomid – Clomid is one of the most commonly prescribed fertility medications.  It is often the first fertility medication that is prescribed to stimulate your ovaries to produce eggs. Clomid works by convincing your body that estrogen levels are low.  Your body, in turn, produces FSH and LH which result in the maturation of eggs.   Common side effects of Clomid include nausea and bloating.
  • Estrace – Estrace is prescribed after ovulation.  It works by promoting the thickening of your uterine lining which helps prepare your body to support a pregnancy.  Some side effects associated with use of Estrace are hot flashes and headaches.
  • Birth Control Pills – While it may seem counter intuitive, Birth Control Pills play a large role in fertility care.  Birth Control Pills work by suppressing your body’s production of FSH and LH, which prevents ovulation.  Birth Control Pills are used to be able to time the start of a woman’s cycle in order to synchronize to a specific timeline.  Headaches and breast tenderness are common side effects of Birth Control Pills.
  • Novarel, Pregnyl and Ovidrel – Novarel, Pregnyl and Ovidrel are injectable medications that are used to time and promote ovulation.  These medications allow ovulation to be timed.  This is important for timed intercourse and IUI procedures so that sperm can be introduced in tandem with ovulation.  During IVF cycles, timing ovulation allows mature eggs to be retrieved just prior to ovulation.  This way, the harvested eggs are ready to be fertilized.  Reported side effects of Novarel, Pregnyl, and Ovidrel include pain at the injection site, mood swings, and headaches.
  • Ibuprofen – Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory as well as a pain killer.  By reducing the amount of inflammation in the body, follicles are less likely to rupture prematurely resulting in ovulation.  Side effects of Ibuprofen include upset stomach and constipation. 

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