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What Fertility Treatments are Done for Older Women?

Age is a primary factor in a woman’s fertility.  A woman’s natural fertility begins to decline in her twenties, and takes a dramatic decrease after age 35.  We specialize in fertility treatments for older women, taking care to treat every patient as an individual.

At New Hope, we offer several options that are ideal for fertility treatments for older women:

Personalized Patient Care

We do not have standardized approaches to fertility care.  We take time to understand the unique needs of your body through blood work and ultrasound  and create a treatment plan to address them.  During your treatment, we continue to monitor you and make adjustments as needed.

Patient Acceptance

We do not turn any patient away due to her age, FSH level or the number of eggs she’s able to produce during a cycle.  Instead, we accept patients that have been turned away from other facilities.  Our dedication hands-stomachto treating each patient as an individual allows us to be successful with fertility treatments for older women.

Our One Good Egg policy demonstrates our attentiveness to fertility treatments for older women.  We work with your natural fertility to achieve a healthy pregnancy, and it begins with just one egg.

Specialized IVF Protocols

We offer two more holistic options to IVF, which are ideal for older women who may not respond as well to fertility medication:

  • Natural IVF – By monitoring your cycle, we aim to harvest and fertilize the one egg your body produces naturally, without the use of fertility medication.  This is a good fit for women who want to avoid fertility drugs or who are unlikely to produce multiple eggs even with fertility medication.
  • Mini IVF – We use substantially less fertility medication than with traditional IVF to produce three to five high quality eggs.  This process decreases the number of eggs that need to be disposed of due to poor quality.

Contact us today to learn more about our fertility treatments for women of more advanced age. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.

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