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What is a Light IVF and is it Right For You

In recent years, light, or minimal stimulation, in vitro fertilization has become more popular.  While many people are familiar with traditional IVF and its use of fertility medication, Light IVF is less known.  Understanding what a Light IVF protocol is can help you to decide if it is the right fertility treatment for you. 2015-8

What is “light” in vitro fertilization?

With traditional IVF protocols, large doses of fertility medication, between 20 and 60 injections, are used to stimulate a woman’s ovaries to produce large quantities of eggs. The goal of traditional IVF is to produce a large number of eggs during one retrieval. 

Light in vitro fertilization focuses on maturing between three and five high quality eggs.  These eggs are better suited for fertilization and a healthy pregnancy.  Also, a light protocol allows your fertility care team to tailor each woman’s protocol based on each woman’s individual needs.  During Light IVF, medication can include:

  • The oral medication Clomid, taken daily
  • From one to three doses of the injectable medication Menopur, dependent on your individual medical need
  • Synarel administered via nasal spray

Once the eggs have reached maturity, they are retrieved during an outpatient procedure.  Next, the eggs are fertilized using either your partner’s or donor sperm.  We promote single embryo transfer, and suggest patients transfer one embryo and store any surplus embryos for future cycles.

Who does the light IVF protocol suit?

There are a number of individuals who can benefit from a minimal stimulation protocol:

  • Those who want to avoid large doses of fertility medication
  • People who wish to reduce the cost of fertility treatment by using less medication
  • Couples and women who wish to avoid side effects from large doses of fertility medication including discomfort and the possibility for OHSS
  • People who wish to focus on quality of eggs as opposed to quantity

The best way to find out if Light IVF is a good fit for your specific medical needs is to speak with a fertility specialist.  The experts at New Hope Fertility Center can provide additional information about minimal stimulation protocols and discuss all available options.

Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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