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What is an In-Vitro Pregnancy?



A fresh IVF treatment cycle entails the growth of multiple egg follicles which are surgically retrieved and fertilized with sperm in a controlled laboratory setting. Embryos are then transferred to the patient’s uterus and/or are cryopreserved. Our top fertility specialists are using innovative protocols to help couples struggling to have a baby through in-vitro.


Infertility has been conquered via best IVF treatment for:

  • Women with extremely damaged Fallopian tubes
  • Couples suffering from male factor infertility
  • Couples suffering from idiopathic– unexplained – infertility
  • Women suffering from recurrent pregnancy loss– more than two miscarriages
  • LGBTQ couples using donor eggs and/or sperm


Mini-IVF™ is a protocol substantially decreasing the amount of fertility medication prescribed to patients. As opposed to giving large doses of medication to produce a high quantity of eggs, Mini-IVF™ gently stimulates a woman’s body to produce fewer high quality eggs (3 to 5 eggs per cycle). The goal through Mini-IVF™ is to produce only high quality eggs better suited to achieve a healthy embryo and successful pregnancy. 

Medication provided during a Mini-IVF™ typically includes:

  • Clomid taken orally
  • Up to three doses of Menopur administered via injection
  • Synarel administered via nasal spray
  • hCG to trigger ovulation timed with egg retrieval

Natural Cycle IVF™

Natural Cycle IVF™ is a uniquely natural approach to IVF treatment. Patients are closely monitored prior to retrieving and fertilizing in vitro the egg they produce naturally. Patients of Natural Cycle IVF™ are administered hCG to trigger ovulation timed with surgical retrieval. A woman's egg produced naturally is the healthiest egg for fertilization and has the best chance of a successful pregnancy. This most holistic protocol avoids the side effects common with fertility medication. A natural protocol can be a good fit for women who want to avoid fertility medication or who may not respond to fertility medication.

Pioneering Doctors of Mini-IVF™ and Natural Cycle IVF™

Contact the Natural Cycle IVF™ and Mini-IVF™ pioneering doctors at New Hope Fertility NYC and discover if one of these innovative holistic protocols can help you conceive through IVF. It is important to work with a fertility care team who specializes in holistic IVF protocols. Customized IVF care at New Hope Fertility NYC offers the highest success rates and best overall patient satisfaction.

To schedule your initial consultation, click the icon below – or – call 917.525.5496.

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