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What is the Difference Between a Natural IVF and a Mini IVF?

At New Hope Fertility Center, we have a unique approach to fertility that works with your natural cycle.  This more holistic approach focuses on producing “one good egg” with minimal fertility drugs.  We offer two gentler alternatives to traditional IVF:

Natural IVF


Natural IVF is designed to retrieve and fertilize the one egg your body produces naturally.  Unlike traditional IVF, no fertility medication is administered.  Instead, your cycle is closely monitored so that the egg can be harvested at the ideal time.  Natural IVF occurs over two cycles:

Cycle One

  • Blood work and sonograms track the progress of your ovulation
  • Once the egg has reached the desired size and maturity, the egg is harvested
  • The harvested egg is fertilized
  • The embryo is frozen by vitrification

Cycle Two

  • Your cycle is monitored through blood work and sonogram
  • When your body is ready, the thawed embryo is implanted

Natural IVF allows patients to avoid the high cost, discomfort and side effects associated with daily injections with traditional IVF

Mini IVF

Mini IVF gently stimulates your ovaries to produce between three and five high quality eggs. This protocol differs from Natural IVF as it uses a minimal amount of fertility medication.

To achieve the best outcomes, between three and five healthy eggs are ideal for producing a healthy baby. Traditional IVF produces far greater eggs, but only a portion of those eggs are mature and healthy enough for fertilization.  Of those that are fertilized, the reduced health of the eggs make them more prone to being discarded after fertilization.

During a Mini IVF cycle:

  • Fertility medication is administered to stimulate your ovaries
  • Your cycle is monitored using blood work and sonogram
  • Fertility medication is administered to promote and time ovulation
  • The eggs are retrieved under local anesthesia
  • The harvested eggs are fertilized
  • One fertilized embryo is transferred into your uterus
  • Surplus embryos are frozen and stored.

Success rates with Mini IVF are comparable to those of traditional IVF.

To learn more about our holistic alternatives to IVF, contact us. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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