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What You Could Be Doing Differently That Could Help You Conceive Faster

Chances are you never imagined you’d have any difficulty conceiving.  Most people believe all they have to do is stop using birth control and they’ll become pregnant instantly.  The truth is that it may not be so easy to become pregnant.  However, taking a few simple steps can help you get pregnant and start your family faster. 

Get Rest

Most people do not get enough sleep at night.  Being well rested increases your overall health and can improve your fertility.  Additionally, getting adequate sleep can decrease your stress levels.

Track Your Cycle - Conceive Faster

A woman’s egg can only survive for 24 hours after ovulation.  Therefore, to best increase your chance of conceiving, intercourse must be timed to coincide with this window.  There are a number of ways of determining when ovulation is happening.  The simplest is to use ovulation testers during your cycle.  These tests evaluate your urine for the presence of the hormone that is released with ovulation.  Once an ovulation test gives a positive result, you can time intercourse to coincide with this window. 

Another way to track your cycle is with a basal body thermometer.  This sensitive tool is able to track minute changes in temperature.  A woman’s temperature should be taken immediately upon waking each morning.  The body naturally raises in temperature just prior to ovulation.  By recording and charting results it is possible to determine when ovulation is going to occur so you know when to have intercourse. 

It can also be good to have intercourse in the days prior to ovulation.  Sperm can survive a number of days inside of a woman and can wait for an egg to fertilize.  Having intercourse in the days leading to ovulation can improve your chances of getting pregnant.

If you’ve been having difficulty getting pregnant, you may need assistance to conceive.  A fertility expert can help determine if something simple like timing is causing the delay, or if there is a bigger issue. 

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