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What Your Husband Can Be Doing For You To Help Improve Your Fertility


Getting pregnant requires that both husband and wife take care of themselves and have great timing. In addition to taking care of yourself, there are several things your husband can do to increase your chance of becoming pregnant. 


Watch His Body Temperature

A man’s sperm can be harmed by extreme temperatures.  Therefore, it is important to avoid hot tubs, saunas, and other activities that can decrease sperm quality.  Wearing boxers instead of briefs can also lower testicular temperature and may help the quality of sperm.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

A man’s overall health has a direct impact on the health of his sperm.  Getting adequate rest, eating well balanced meals, and exercising regularly can all increase the likelihood of pregnancy.  It is also a good idea to stop smoking and to reduce his alcohol intake in order to have the healthiest sperm. 


Stress has a negative effect on fertility for both men and women.  If you’ve been trying to conceive without success, or if he has stress at work or other areas of his life, this can delay conception.  Make sure you both take time to decompress and take part in activities you find relaxing and enjoyable. 

Talk to a Physician

Your husband can have a physical done to ensure his own health and to address any concerns before they become larger issues.  In addition to improving overall sperm quality, this process can help to ensure your husband will be healthy and ready to raise the family you plan on building together.  Encourage your husband to talk to his physician about all of his health concerns and the fact that you are working on starting a family. 

For additional information on how your husband can improve his fertility, contact the fertility care experts at New Hope Fertility Center today.  The fertility team can help you understand what may be causing your delay in starting the family you’ve always dreamed of.  We specialize in both male and female fertility and provide custom treatment plans tailored to the specific needs of each of our patients.

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