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Vitrification | The Best Way to Freeze Your Eggs

As a recent New York Times article points out, fertility preservation (freezing ones eggs for future use) is still considered experimental by the The American Society for Reproductive Medicine; however, many women (and their parents) are now turning to this revolutionary technology to lessen the stress involved with the infamous biological clock.

While it is true that egg freezing is still considered experimental, the advances in egg freezing techniques have produced amazing results in the field of fertility preservation.  Once reserved for oncofertility to help cancer patients preserve their fertility before undergoing chemotherapy treatment, everyone from career women to young adults are freezing their eggs in hopes to one day use them when they're ready for a family.  And, as the NY Times feature shows, many parents of these women are helping foot the bill to ensure a grandchild in the near future.

Regardless of who is paying, it is important to understand your options when it comes to fertility preservation.  As the NY Times article notes, freezing your eggs does not guarantee they will be viable for future use. Vitrification, on the other hand, can lessen the additional concerns in something happening to eggs during the freezing and thawing process.  This flash-freezing method yields a 98% survival rate compared to traditional, "slow-freezing" cryopreservation techniques, and New Hope Fertility Center continues to employ vitrification and frozen embryo transfers with continued success; since 2004, we've welcomed nearly 150 healthy babies born from frozen embryos.

Read more on our egg banking and freezing options over at New Hope Fertility Center and preserve your fertility today!

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