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Where is the Best Clinic For a Natural IVF?

Natural In Vitro Fertilization, also known as Natural IVF is a fertility treatment that uses no fertility medication.  If you want to avoid fertility medication it is important to find the best clinic for a natural IVF. 

New Hope Fertility Center specializes in more holistic IVF treatments.  In fact, we are an industry leader in providing IVF protocols that use little to no medication.  As we are on the forefront of fertility innovation, we are the best clinic for a natural IVF. making-babies

What is Natural IVF?

In traditional IVF treatment, your body is stimulated to produce multiple eggs through the use of fertility medication. With Natural IVF we harvest and fertilize the one egg your body produces naturally.  Natural IVF takes place over two cycles:

Cycle One

Your body is constantly monitored through blood work and ultrasound.  Once the egg you produce naturally has reached the desired maturity level, it is harvested.  This outpatient procedure lasts about five minutes.  After it is retrieved the egg is fertilized in our laboratory.  This can be done with either your partner’s or donor sperm.  The newly created embryo is then monitored for development.  At the appropriate time, the embryo is either transferred into your uterus or frozen via vitrification.  

Vitrification is a method of flash freezing embryos so that they are not damaged by the formation of ice crystals.  In traditional freezing methods, the temperature of the embryo is lowered slowly which can result in ice crystal formation.  Vitrification significantly improves outcomes through the freezing and thawing process.  With traditional methods, embryos survive 55% of the time versus 98% of the time with vitrification.

Cycle Two

If necessary, your body is again monitored through blood work and ultrasound.   When your uterus is ready to support a pregnancy, your embryo is thawed and placed directly into your uterus.  This is also an outpatient procedure that can quickly be done.

Who is a good candidate for natural IVF?

Natural IVF is ideal for women who want to avoid fertility medication and the side effects associated with it.  It is also a good fit for women who aren’t likely to respond to fertility medication.  If you are ovulating, natural IVF may be the right protocol for you.

New Hope continues to be the best clinic for a natural IVF.  Find out what sets us apart by contacting us today. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.

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