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Where is the Best NYC Fertility Center?

Are you looking for a fertility center that creates a specialized treatment plan for you as opposed to treating you as a number?  Do you want to find a group of physicians that aim to supplement your body’s natural fertility as opposed to artificially creating one?  At New Hope Fertility Center, we are pioneers in our industry and the best fertility center in NYC.

Several things set New Hope Fertility Center above:

Patient Acceptance

We understand that the fertility needs of every patient are specific and unique.  As such, we create personalized plans to address a patient’s individual needs.  Further, unlike other facilities, we do not decline care to patients because of:

  • Their age
  • FSH levelshow-can-I-get-pregnant
  • The number of eggs produced during a single cycle.

Holistic IVF Approaches

We believe that fertility care should work with your body’s natural fertility. We have two more natural approaches to IVF:

  • Natural Cycle IVF: This protocol takes place over two cycles and uses no fertility drugs.  Your cycle is tracked to monitor the progress of the one egg your body produces naturally.  When ready, that egg is harvested then fertilized.  The resulting embryo is frozen and stored until the next cycle, when the embryo is implanted into the mother.
  • Mini IVF:  This protocol uses a minimal amount of fertility medication to produce between three and five high quality eggs.  The eggs are harvested, then fertilized.  One embryo is transferred back into the mother.  Any surplus embryos are frozen and stored.

Our IVF protocols have success rates comparable to that of traditional IVF.

Donor Program

We are pioneers in the field of egg and embryo storage and banking.  We use vitrification to flash freeze eggs and ovaries which results in higher success rates. Also, you, not another facility, are able to select from donors who have already donated and whose eggs are readily available.   All donors are carefully screened.

Want to know how our team of physicians can address your fertility care needs?  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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