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Where is the Best Reviewed Fertility Center in NY

Selecting the best reviewed fertility center for your fertility treatment can be one of the most important choices you can make regarding your fertility care.  The truth is, the staff at the fertility clinic you choose will be your partners in having the family you’ve been waiting for. 

2015-9Located in Manhattan, New Hope Fertility Center is among the best rated in NYC.  This is due to their dedication to treating each patient as an individual.  By customizing their approach, the fertility care team is able to successfully treat infertility, even in women who were turned away from other facilities.

“One Good Egg” Policy

Unlike other centers, New Hope does not turn away clients due to their age, FSH level, or their ability to produce multiple eggs during one cycle.  If a woman is still ovulating, she is a candidate for fertility care.  After all, it only takes one egg to start a healthy pregnancy.

Holistic IVF Approach

New Hope has a more holistic approach to IVF as shown in their new protocols, Natural IVF and Mini IVF. By customizing each of these treatment options based on the specific needs of each patient, large doses of fertility medication is not required. 

  • Natural IVF – This protocol uses no fertility medication.  The goal with a natural cycle is to closely monitor the progress of a woman’s cycle in order to harvest and fertilize the egg her body produces naturally.  Naturally produced eggs are of the highest quality and are best suited for fertilization and pregnancy.  The natural protocol may be a good fit for women who wish to avoid fertility medication or who will likely not respond to fertility medication.
  • Mini IVF – A minimal stimulation IVF cycle uses small amounts of fertility stimulating medications in order to promote the growth of three to five eggs.  The decreased fertility medication reduces side effects and creates a more comfortable experience for the patient.  Mini IVF cycles are well suited for women who are primarily concerned with the quality rather than the quantity of the harvested eggs.

Discover firsthand what makes New Hope Fertility Center the best reviewed fertility center in NYC. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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