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Where is There Affordable Fertility Care in Manhattan

When couples have tried to conceive on their own without success, navigating the fertility process can seem daunting, especially if they do not have insurance coverage. Manhattan has a reputation for providing excellent medical care, but at a high cost.  At New Hope Fertility, we offer quality, affordable fertility care with high success rates.


It is our goal to help couples achieve their dreams of starting a family by providing affordable fertility care. Some of our affordable fertility care options include:

Clinical Trial

New Hope is running a clinical trial in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam. The purpose of the trial is to evaluate pregnancy rates and costs of traditional IVF versus our more holistic protocol, Mini-IVF™, which uses significantly less fertility medication.  Additionally, the trial seeks to find which IVF protocol is more patient-friendly by evaluating the physical, emotional, and psychological effects of treatment.

All fertility care is provided at no costs for participants in the clinical trial.  This includes:

  • Blood work
  • Ultrasound
  • Physician consultation

Participants are only responsible for the costs of their fertility medication and screenings performed prior to acceptance into the trial.

Fertility Medication

Fertility medication can increase the cost when evaluating fertility care.  At New Hope, we have more holistic approaches to IVF which use little to no fertility medication.  The decrease in fertility medication can have a direct effect on the overall cost of treatment:

  • Natural IVF -  This protocol does not use fertility medication.  Instead, the egg your body naturally produces is harvested and fertilized. 
  • Mini-IVF™ – Uses a minimal amount of fertility medication to gently stimulate your ovaries to produce three to five high quality eggs that are ready for fertilization.

Affordable Fertility Care in Manhattan

Schedule a consultation today to learn more about our affordable fertility care.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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