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Which Natural Fertility Treatment is Most Successful

Natural fertility treatments are rising in popularity.  Increasingly available due to advancements in the field of fertility medicine, natural fertility treatments provide options to women who may otherwise not been able to pursue treatment.  This includes women whose bodies do not respond well to fertility medication.

2015-13Natural IVF is one of the most successful forms of natural fertility treatments.  Using the same technology as a traditional IVF cycle, a woman’s egg is harvested, fertilized in a state of the art lab and then returned back into her uterus for implantation.  The major difference is that the natural IVF protocol does not use fertility medication.  The goal here is not to produce a large number of eggs.  The only aim is to harvest the one egg a woman produces during her cycle naturally.  After all, it only takes one good egg to have a baby.  

There are several advantages to a natural IVF cycle:

  • Due to the absence of fertility medication, most of the discomfort commonly associated with fertility care is eliminated.  The absence of fertility medication translates into the absence of the associated side effects.
  • Because a woman’s body is not being stimulated to produce multiple eggs, the cycle is more comfortable.
  • Fertility medication has a negative effect on the quality and quantity of a woman’s uterine lining.  Thick uterine lining is important for the health of the pregnancy.  Low quality lining is what often causes a waiting period between IVF cycles.  There’s no need to wait between or during Natural IVF cycles as the lining has not been negatively impacted by medication .   
  • Women over age 35, women that wish to avoid fertility medicine, and women who are not likely to respond well to fertility medication are able to pursue IVF. 

Located in Manhattan, New Hope Fertility Center provides holistic options for fertility care by tailoring each treatment program to each individual's unique medical needs. To receive additional information on the natural and holistic protocols available at New Hope Fertility Center, contact them today.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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