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Which Natural Fertility Treatment is Most Successful

In a perfect world, natural fertility should be the foundation of all fertility care.  The goal of fertility treatment should be to support a woman’s natural fertility, using only the level of medication each woman needs to support her natural ability.  A number fertility treatments may be performed without the use of fertility medication.  This natural approach to fertility care results in a more comfortable experience for the mother with fewer risk of side effects.  Furthermore, more holistic treatment methods can have success rates that rival that of traditional fertility care.


Natural cycle IVF is the most successful way to build upon a woman’s natural fertility.  Rather than administering fertility medication to boost fertility to produce multiple eggs, natural IVF cycles have one goal – to fertilize the one egg a woman produces on her own.  Naturally produced eggs are of the highest quality and are most likely to result in pregnancy.  During a natural IVF cycle:

  • Each woman is closely monitored to determine how the cycle is progressing.  Blood work and ultrasound is necessary throughout the cycle to determine when ovulation is about to occur in order to time the egg retrieval. 
  • Once the egg has reached maturity it is harvested during a brief outpatient procedure.  The egg is then reviewed for quality by an expert physician.
  • The harvested egg is fertilized in a laboratory setting, with the use of ICSI if needed. 
  • The embryo is monitored as it continues to develop.
  • The embryo is returned to the woman’s body during an outpatient procedure and placed directly in the uterus.

Because fertility medication isn’t used, there is typically no reason to wait during or between cycles.  Unless a patient requests otherwise, natural IVF typically utilizes a fresh embryo transfer.  Despite the lack of fertility medication, when the number of transferred embryos are adjusted, natural IVF and traditional IVF have similar success rates.

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