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Which NYC Clinic Has The Leading IVF Success Rates

IVF success rates are a great indicator of the level of service a fertility clinic provides. Therefore, IVF success rates should be a factor when selecting a fertility center. 


Understanding SART Success Rates

SART, or the Society of Reproductive Technology, compiles IVF success rates for fertility centers nationwide. Their statistics measure the success of conventional IVF treatment, which often transfers multiple embryos with the goal of increasing the likelihood of becoming pregnant.  Recently, research has shown that transferring multiple embryos does not increase the chance of getting pregnant during a cycle.  However, it does significantly increase the chance of conceiving multiples.

If you are pursuing conventional IVF treatment, SART IVF success rates are a good way to benchmark a facility’s success rates.  However, if you are considering, or have been advised, that Mini IVF or Natural IVF would be the best way for you to become pregnant, it is important to understand that those protocols are not represented in the SART numbers.

A More Holistic Approach

New Hope Fertility Center is a leading provider of fertility care in NYC.  Their expert team of physicians customize their approach to the unique needs of each patient.  Therefore, each woman receives the specific level of support their body needs to increase their fertility and become pregnant.  New Hope has a unique, more holistic approach to IVF treatment that allows for the use of less fertility medication while achieving results that are comparable to conventional IVF treatment.  Their high success rates are achieved despite the fact that New Hope does not turn away patients due to their FSH levels, age, or the number of eggs they are able to produce during a single cycle.

New Hope IVF Success Rates Comparison

Nationwide, an average of 2.2 embryos are transferred during a conventional IVF cycle.  Approximately 40% of these embryos result in live births. 

At New Hope, an average of 1.1 embryos are transferred during a Natural IVF or Mini IVF cycle.  This is because New Hope has a one good egg policy.  Transferring one embryo at a time does not decrease the likelihood of pregnancy.  It does virtually eliminate the chance of a multiple pregnancy, which can have health risks.  Evaluating success against the national number, 70% of every 2.2 New Hope transplanted embryos result in live birth.

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