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Which type of in vitro fertilization is best?

nhfc_award-1.jpgAccording to FertilitySuccessRate.com, preliminary Fertility Success rates for US fertility centers have just been released for 2015.  Did you know that New Hope Fertility Center has been established since 2015 as one of the best fertility center based on Live Birth Rate/frozen embryo transfer for patients under the age of 35 in New York City? 

What is the key to our success? 

It’s a strict policy of "quality over quantity".  Gone are the days of increasing your chance of conception (and chance of multiples!) by transferring multiple embryos at a time.  Similarly, New Hope Fertility Center in NYC operates under the “one good egg” policy.

We know that each patient is different and we want to give everyone the best chance at having a healthy pregnancy.  As we constantly look at the most current research and data, the chances of the egg bein fertilized with Natural Cycle IVF is 26% and the chances of fertilization with Conventional IVF is 4%.

Lets get down to the numbers…

A healthy, fit couple in their mid twenties only has a 25% chance of conceiving a baby each time they have intercourse.  From this age onward, the chance of conception drops.  As pioneers of Minimal Stimulation IVF (Mini IVFtm) and strong advocates of Natural Cycle IVF, we are interested in the percentage of success per egg, for each type of IVF protocol.

When a woman goes through Natural Cycle IVF, she is not stimulated with typical fertility drugs like Clomid or Injections.  We use her naturally occurring menstrual cycle to retrieve the one egg that is released.  Consequently, this is also the best egg-most likely to yield a pregnancy. 

Traditional IVF or Conventional IVF has been around since the 70’s and uses a heavy course of fertility medication for 9-13 days (typically injections).  This method is still universally accepted as you stand to obtain between 10-20 eggs for fertilization.  

This is why at NHFC we have a focus on producing fewer eggs but of a higher quality.  Natural Cycle and Mini IVFTM not only INCREASE your chances of becoming pregnant, but they are so gentle on your body that if you need to repeat a cycle, you may do so right away.  After Conventional IVF, your body needs time to recover.  The longer a woman waits to conceive, the lower the chances are of conception and the higher the risk of an abnormal pregnancy.


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