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Why A Natural IVF is Perfect For Women Who Prefer Less Medication

Many women believe their holistic lifestyles will not allow them to do in vitro fertilization.   For many individuals, the side effects of fertility medication are a true concern. Others do not like the idea of artificially supplementing their body's natural fertility. Advancements in the field of fertility medicine have resulted in more natural ways to do in vitro fertilization.  New Hope Fertility Center, a pioneer in the field of fertility care, has developed an innovate in vitro fertilization protocol that does not use fertility medication.

2015-6Natural IVF uses a woman’s natural fertility as the foundation.  As opposed to using medication to promote the maturation of high quantities of eggs, Natural IVF harvests, then fertilizes the one egg a woman produces during her monthly cycle.  There are several advantages to a natural approach to IVF:

  • Side effects commonly experienced with fertility medication are eliminated
  • The pain and discomfort associated with injectable medications is completely avoided
  • IVF treatment can be done even if a woman wishes to avoid fertility medication or will likely not respond to fertility medication
  • The number of eggs a woman is able to produce per cycle is no longer a requirement to participate in an in vitro fertilization protocol 
  • The egg a woman’s body produces naturally is the healthiest and best suited for fertilization and a successful pregnancy

Natural in vitro fertilization is the ideal protocol for women who wish to avoid fertility medication, have had poor reactions to fertility medication, or who are not likely to respond to fertility medication.  Additionally, because fertility medication is not used, there is no need to wait between cycles.  Most women who have a natural in vitro fertilization cycle choose to do a fresh embryo transfer, which can decrease the overall time it takes to complete a cycle.

For additional information on Natural IVF or to have a customized fertility plan created based on your unique needs, please contact New Hope today.  Our high success rates are possible because we provide each of our patients with individualized care based on their specific needs.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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