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Why Couples Are Now Turning To The Internet To Find The Right Fertility Doctor

In the past, couples would turn to the first fertility specialist they came across to help them start a family.  The goal was to see someone as quickly as possible in order to start the journey to parenthood sooner.  Advances in technology have changed this.  With the advent of message boards, blog sites, and social media, couples are taking time to learn more about their potential fertility doctor.  Researching potential doctors and fertility centers can help to find the right physician to address your specific needs. 


Physician Websites

Most physicians and fertility centers have websites that provide additional information on their practice.  Typically, you can find hours of operation, a history of the practice, and biographical information on the physicians.  Additionally, many physician’s websites are built to provide additional information on the center’s philosophies and approach to fertility care.

Message Boards

Many sites dedicated to pregnancy and becoming pregnant feature message boards.  These online forums stand to provide women a way to support each other in a safe environment.  Here, women can discuss their experience with their physicians as well outline their specific medical concerns.  Message boards allow you to get doctor recommendations from women in your area with a similar diagnosis.

Web Searches

Another common method of research is to search for the name of the perspective physician.  Web searches can bring up several items including news items, medical journals, lawsuits, and online reviews.

Verify Your Findings

There are some potential negatives to finding a fertility doctor online.  In most forums, users are able to post anonymously, without having to prove their previous interactions with the physician.  While there is some benefit to being able to speak freely, this also creates the possibility for both negative and positive reviews that contain errors or blatant untruths.  It is important to verify information you find online with the center.  For example, if a physician or fertility center has great reviews, it is important to visit the center in person before proceeding. 

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