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Why Egg Freezing Must Be Done at a NYC Fertility Clinic

Why Egg Freezing Must Be Done at a NYC Fertility Clinic 

Women are most fertile from their teenage years through age 35. Unfortunately, the ages when a woman’s body is best equipped to get pregnant does not always align with the best time to become a parent. Egg freezing is a great way to preserve your fertility.  To be sure that your eggs are safely stored until you are ready for them, it is important to choose a NYC Fertility Clinic that specializes in egg banking.   doctors-for-pregnancy

While many facilities may offer egg freezing, few centers have the expertise to properly freeze, store, and thaw your eggs while providing the best chance for survival.  Additionally, a fertility clinic is best able to ensure your body produces the best results during the egg retrieval cycle.

At New Hope, we specialize in developing fertility care plans that are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of each of our patients.  Rather than follow a predetermined regimen for all women, we work to understand the unique needs of your body to develop the best plan for you.  This also translates to fertility preservation.  During your egg retrieval cycle, we are able to carefully monitor your progress through blood work and ultrasound.  This way, we can adjust your care as needed to ensure your body responds appropriately.  Our goal is to balance both the quality of the quantity of eggs available for harvest.

New Hope Fertility Center is on the forefront of egg freezing technology.  Once your eggs are harvested, we check them for viability.  The healthy eggs are frozen with vitrification, a method of flash freezing the eggs so that they are not damaged by ice crystals. Unlike traditional freezing methods, the temperature of the eggs is instantly brought down to freezing.  The quick speed of the freeze and use of a protectant prevent damage caused by ice crystals.  The process is reversed during thawing once you are ready for the eggs.  Through the use of vitrification, we have survival rates of 98% for thawed eggs as opposed to 55% with traditional methods.

A member of our staff can review your options for fertility preservation and discuss how egg freezing can work for you.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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