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Why Foreigners Are Coming To The US For Fertility Treatments

Couples from abroad are coming to the United States in increasing numbers in order to pursue fertility treatments.  While fertility treatments, including surrogacy, are socially accepted in the United States, that is not the case in many other countries.  In fact, surrogacy is not only socially unaccepted in other countries, but illegal in many.  By coming to the United States, couples from abroad are able to start the family that they would otherwise be unable to have. 


History of Surrogacy

In the beginning, surrogacy was done via artificial insemination.  The woman who carried the child was biologically its mother.  This resulted in a number of ethical and legal issues.  Surrogacy today uses gestational surrogates.  These women selflessly give of themselves to help other couples achieve their goal of starting a family.  Gestational surrogates become pregnant through the use of in vitro fertilization.  The implanted embryo may be related to one or both of the intended parents, or can be from donor eggs or sperm.  In these cases there is no biological link to the gestational surrogate.

Global Landscape

Outside of the United States, there are very few countries where paid surrogacy is legal.  While some countries allow for unpaid surrogacy, where only expenses are covered, some countries outlaw surrogacy in all forms.  Couples that are unable to have children on their own, including same sex couples, are coming to the United States in order to start the families they are otherwise unable to have. 

Surrogacy Services

A surrogate agency is uniquely qualified to help coordinate surrogate pregnancy for both the gestational carrier and the intended parents.  This is especially true for couples who are looking for surrogacy help internationally.  There are many legal requirements in order to take a new baby back to another country after being born via a surrogate.  For parents from some countries, having a child born in the United States with U.S. citizenship is an advantage.  For others, the road to having a new child recognized as a citizen in their home country is more complicated.

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