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Why Fresh Embryo Transfers Are Best For Natural IVF

Natural IVF is a relatively new advancement in fertility care.  Traditionally, in order to do in vitro fertilization, women had to take large doses of fertility medication.  This was done to push their bodies to produce large numbers of eggs, which then could be retrieved and fertilized.  While the use of fertility medication was successful in starting families, there are numerous side effects.  Natural IVF addresses the concern of using fertility medication.  


Natural cycle in vitro fertilization does not utilize fertility medication to enhance fertility.  In this holistic approach to fertility care, the egg a woman’s body produces naturally during her cycle is retrieved, fertilized, and then implanted directly into her uterus. 

Embryo Transfer

During a natural in vitro fertilization cycle, a woman’s body is closely monitored to watch the progression of her egg.  Regular blood work and ultrasounds give each woman’s fertility care team the ability to know the exact point in her cycle when the egg is ready.  There is no standardized time protocol, each Natural IVF cycle progresses as the mother’s cycle does naturally. 

Once mature, the egg is fertilized by our expert staff.  The egg is monitored and then transferred directly into the mother’s uterus.  Fresh embryo transfer is ideal for natural cycles as the uterine lining hasn’t been affected by fertility medication.  Typically, there is no need to wait until the next cycle or to wait between cycles as your uterine lining hasn’t been affected.  

We do work to give all of our patients what they are looking for.  In the event that a patient wishes to freeze the embryo for a later cycle, we can make adjustments as needed. 

New Hope Fertility Center is on the cutting edge of fertility care.  We take care to work with each of our patients to put together a fertility care plan that meets their specific needs.  By treating each patient as an individual we are able to achieve high success rates and high patient satisfaction.

To learn more about Natural IVF, contact us today. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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